Turks and Caicos STAMPS FOR SALE

  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1937-1950 KGVI COMPLETE VERY FINE MINT A complete basic run, Coronation to 1950 Pictorial set, SG 191 through to SG 233. Lovely! (45 stamps)


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1953-1974 almost COMPLETE vfm colln, 1957-60 &1973 Birds sets,180+


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1913-21 2s red on blue-green, SG 138, vfm (two NHM) BLOCK 4


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1881-1981 HIGH -POWERED COLLECTION ON PAGES comprising all different mint (some never hinged) and used stamps, plus some covers. Stamp highlights include strong QV range; 1900-04 “Badge” set mint: 1909-11 set mint; 1913-21 and 1922-26 KGV to 3s mint; 1928 set mint; 1938-45 set used; 1950 set mint; 1957-60 set mint; etc. Also 1894 1d on 1½d Postal Card to Australia, 1901 “Badge” 4d on registered cover to London, plus a few later covers. A lovely collection! (200+ stamps plus 8 covers)


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1900-1904 2d sepia, wmk reversed, SG 103x, fine mint.


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1881 complete set of 4, SG 49/52, used with blunt perf to 1d and very slight corner thin to 1s.


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1900 3s lake Badge of the Colony, SG 109, very fine mint.


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1913-21 2s red on blue-green, SG 138, neat 1918 cds used.


  • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 1900-04 Badge definitive complete set, SG 101/109, fine mint (9 stamps)


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Turks and Caicos Stamps