• ST LUCIA 1902-10 MINT KEVII COLLECTION presented on a stock card & includes 1902-03 CA Wmk set, 1902 2d Columbus Anniversary & 1904-10 MCA Wmk set of all values to both 5s colours. An attractive group (15 stamps)


  • ST LUCIA 1937-1951 COMPLETE FINE MINT COLLECTION in hingeless mounts on pages, all different, includes 1938-48 set with all perforation types, 1948 Wedding set, 1949-50 set etc. Lovely. (60+ stamps)


  • ST LUCIA INTERESTING COLLECTION IN AN ALBUM With 1890 1d Postal Card to Germany; nice range of pre-1940 picture postcards (some postally used); plus a few covers including 1929 First Flight. Also 1935 to 1980’s mint, never hinged mint and used stamps including 1935 Jubilee set used, and a 1937 through to 1966 complete basic run. (170+ stamps plus 16 cards and 4 covers)


  • ST LUCIA 1886-87 3d dull mauve and green, TOP LEFT TRIANGLE DETACHED, SG 40a, with neat manuscript fiscal cancel. Cat. £475 as postally used.


  • ST LUCIA 1863 complete set, SG 5ax, 7 & 8x, good/fine used (3)


  • ST LUCIA 1935 ½d black & green, var “Diagonal line by Turret”, SG 109f.VFM


  • ST LUCIA 1949-50 12c claret, perf 14½ x 14, SG 153a, fine corner cds used.


  • ST LUCIA 1921-30 5s green and red on pale yellow, Script CA, SG 105, VFM.


  • ST LUCIA 1891-98 6d dull mauve and blue Die II, SG 49, vf mint.


  • ST LUCIA 1863 6d green and 6d deep green, SG 3 and 3b, neatly used. (2 stamps)


We sell St Lucia stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

St Lucia Stamps – Stamps from Britain were used on the island from 1858 with an ‘A11’ cancel, until the control passed to the local post office in 1860, then the stamps for the island were introduced. To save the Colony money only one plate was engraved, with the values identified by the colour of the stamps. Red was used for 1d, blue for 4d and green for 6d, and as a further economy, the design was copied from a Revenue stamp used in South Australia. From 1883 the ‘standard’ key plate design was introduced as a set of six values to 1s.

St Lucia Stamps