• BELGIUM 1960 Refugees miniature sheet, Mi BI 26, illustr unaddressed FCD.


  • BELGIUM 1910 Brussels Exhibition set (COB 84/91, SG 109/16) NHM. (8)


  • BELGIUM 1952 UPU complete set, Michel 929/40, SG 1398/1409, NHM, fresh (12)


  • BELGIUM 1912 Booklet COBT A8, composed of 30 stamps (20x5c and 10x10c), in 6 sheetlets with dividers in translucent paper, publicity on 3 sides. Fine condition, one rust spot around staple, not affecting stamps.  Stunning! (1 item, 30 stamps)


  • BELGIUM 1934 Anti-TB Fund complete set COB 394/400, never hinged mint. (7 stamps)


  • BELGIUM 1919 10f claret King Albert Tin Hat (COB 178, Michel 158, SG 250), never hinged mint upper right corner example, very fresh & attractive.


  • BELGIUM 1919 2f purple King Albert Tin Hat (COB 176, Michel 156, SG 248), fine cds used, good centring, fresh colour.


  • BELGIUM 1957 Antarctic miniature sheet, Mi Block 25, mint. €180


  • BELGIUM 1932 Infantry Memorial complete set (SG 618/19, Michel 342/43, COB 351/52), fine never hinged mint, very fresh. (2 stamps)


  • BELGIUM 1911 VARIETY. A fine mint example of the “Charleroi” SHIFTED OVERPRINT variety (as SG 125, Michel 81 III, COB 100), fine mint, fresh & unusual.


  • BELGIUM 1932 1.75f+75c blue Cardinal Mercier with boxed “BRAINE-L’ALLEUD” handstamp (COB 374E, Michel 337 I), never hinged mint, fresh & rare, cat 1,200 Euro = £1,050+


  • BELGIUM 1960 Refugees mini sheet, Michel Bl 26, on illustr. unaddressed FDC


  • BELGIUM 1919 2F violet “Albert – Tin Hat”, Cobb 176, Scott 135, never hinged mint


  • BELGIUM 1865 1f IMPERF PLATE PROOF in blue (SG 33), ungummed paper, fresh


  • BELGIUM 1934 Anti-TB Fund set (COB 394/400, Scott B156/62) fine used. (7)


  • BELGIUM STAMPS PICTURED on philatelic postcard (Zieher, c.1905), used.


  • BELGIUM 1930 Anti-TB Fund set (COB 308/14, SG 572/78) NHM. (7)


  • BELGIUM 1884-86 2f lilac on pale lilac, SG 77, Michel 47, vfm PAIR, fresh (2)


  • BELGIUM 1931 10fr claret King Albert, SG 591, Michel 313, or Cob 324, never hinged mint.


  • BELGIUM 1937 Queen Astrid Fund complete set, Cob 447/454, NHM (8)


  • BELGIUM CLASSICS SELECTION Fine used group including 1849 10c (2), 20c blue, 1861 1c green, 40c red, 1866 1c grey imperf, 1869 5fr yellow brown and 5fr red brown both with “Roller” cancels, 1886 2fr lilac used also Luxembourg 1862 10c and 1sgr. (13 stamps)


  • BELGIUM 1930 “B.I.T.” opts set,Mi 288/90, SG 569/71, vfu BLOCKS of 4 (12)


  • BELGIUM 1935 10c olive-green State Arms with “Antwerpen 1937” precancel lover marginal IMPERF BLOCK of 4, COB 420 var, superb never hinged mint, very fresh & rare. (4 stamps)


We sell Belgium stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Belgium Stamps – The first Belgium stamps issued on 1st July 1849, are known as the “Epaulettes”. Until 1865 her stamps followed the British tradition and didn’t have the name of the country included in the design. They were one of the first signatories of the GPU in 1874, which became the UPU in 1878. However, the Flemings complained that the French name for Belgium “Belgique” was the only name on the stamps, therefore from 1893 ‘Belgie’ was added. The name has appeared in both languages on Belgium Stamps since. Between 1893 and 1914 all stamps were produced with a detachable label inscribed ‘Do not deliver on a Sunday’ in French and also Flemish. All were printed with detachable bandalettes, and known as ‘Sunday Labels’ enabling the sender to indicate if delivery was to be made on a Sunday.

Their neutrality was guaranteed by the Treaty of London (1839), and a breach of this treaty led to the entry of Britain into World War I. The government moved to France on 13th October 1914 and continued to print stamps for use in that locality, and also in small unoccupied parts of Belgium. The Germans issued stamps for use in occupied Belgium on 1st October 1914. These continued in use throughout the war and were used concurrently with the stamps of the German Western Military Command from 1916. The latter was also used in the occupied area of northern France.

From 1919 until 1930, Belgian troops occupied part of the Rhineland where overprinted stamps were issued. They hoped that neutrality would be maintained, however, Germany invaded in May 1940. It’s a fascinating philatelic country with collectors specialising in stamps and postal markings, including a wide range of booklet panes and railway service stamps.

Belgium Stamps