Probate Stamp Valuations

We are one of the world’s leading philatelic companies and specialist dealers, established for almost 50 years we provide probate stamp valuations. Sandafayre has the expertise and professionalism to undertake the most thorough and knowledgeable appraisal of your stamp collection.


Sandafayre undertakes valuations of stamp collections for probate. A probate valuation is based on our estimation of the likely realisation in our public auction before any commissions are deducted.

We understand the challenges and sensitivities in dealing with a deceased’s estate; here at Sandafayre, we aim to help and guide you by providing expertly researched probate stamp valuations. We have dedicated philatelic specialists who can asses your stamp collections, accumulations and rarities with other experts at hand for coins, postcards, paper money and other collectables.

We have more than 45 years of experience in all things philatelic and are one of the most internationally recognised names in the field of stamps and stamp collections. Our expertise covers rare stamps, postal history, collections and entire estates of stamps and other tangible collectables.


The valuation of a stamp collection or accumulation for probate can be complex, as just a single stamp album can contain hundreds or even thousands of individual items. In-depth commercial philatelic knowledge built over many years is essential.

We charge 2.5%+VAT of the valuation amount with a minimum charge of £250+VAT. To give you added peace of mind, if we believe your stamps are of low value we’ll highlight this early on, providing you with the opportunity to stop the valuation. If we recommend continuing with the probate valuation process, once you have received the full probate valuation you may eventually decide to sell the stamp collection.

Sandafayre can also help you in selling the stamps; whether selling directly to us OR through one of our Public Auctions. If you sell your stamps to us or through our Public Auction, we will refund or waive the probate valuation costs.



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