• PAKISTAN 1949-53 redrawn complete set, SG 44/51, fine mint, fresh (8)


  • PAKISTAN 1947-1951 FINE MINT COLLECTION on pages, all different, includes 1947 opts set to 10r, 1948-57 set, 1949-53 set, Officials 1947 opts set (top values NHM), Bahawalpur Officials 1945 opts vals to 4a, 8a & 1r, 1945 (Sep) set etc. Lovely fresh condition, cat £800+ (120+ stamps)


  • PAKISTAN 1947 complete overprinted set, SG 1/19, fine used. (19 stamps)


  • PAKISTAN 1949-53 Redrawn Defins complete set, SG 44/51, vfm, fresh (8)


  • PAKISTAN 1948-54 15r perf 13 and 25r perf 13, SG 42b, 43b, NHM (2)


  • PAKISTAN 1949 SERVICE official set, SG O27/O31, fine mint


  • PAKISTAN REVENUES ARMS LICENCE Sindh 2000 175r, 225r & 250r,Ba 10/12,NHM,3


  • PAKISTAN 1948 10r magenta SERVICE opt perf 12, SG O26a, never hinged mint.


  • PAKISTAN 1948-57 15r blue-green Khyber Pass perf 14, SG 42a, vf cds used


  • PAKISTAN 1949-53 Redrawn definitive set, SG 44/51, VFM (8)


  • PAKISTAN OFFICIAL 1948-54 10r magenta, P12, SG O26a VFU


We sell Pakistan stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Pakistan Stamps – The Partition of India in 1947 saw the creation of Pakistan after a vast and violent upheaval displacing millions of people. During this complex period it was assumed that the existing stamps of British India were being used as normal and indeed it is possible to find such unaltered stamps with Pakistan territory postmarks from this period.

The first Pakistan stamps were stamps of India hand-stamped and overprinted ”PAKISTAN”. The postage and official stamps in the Stanley Gibbons listings are of the most common types which were machine overprinted at Nasik and issued on 1st October 1947. However it appears that during this period of upheaval there was a wide range of different locally-applied “Pakistan” overprints/handstamps on the postage and service stamps and postal stationery of British India and these are highly collectible and historically interesting.

The first stamps solely designed for Pakistan was the 1948 Independence set of 9th July 1948 and were printed by De La Rue of London and collectors of Pakistan stamps have enjoyed high quality issues ever since – with enough printing errors and other unusual items to keep philatelists on their toes!

The separation of East Pakistan in 1971 went unremarked on stamp designs although this alters things for collectors of postmarks and postal history. Pakistan left the Commonwealth in 1972 and rejoined in 1989 and continues to issue beautiful stamps.

We recommend “Pakistan. Overprints on Indian Stamps and Postal Stationery 1947–1949” by Ron Doubleday and Usman Ali Isani for those collectors interested in this fascinating formative period.

Pakistan Stamps