• TURKEY USED IN IRAQ Circa 1880 envelope addressed in Arabic to Persia, bearing on reverse 1876 ½p on 20pa pair cancelled by “NEDJEF ECHREF” octagonal negative seal cancel in violet, CW 34, plus “Teheran” transit cds on front. Opened up for display.


  • TURKEY 1860s – 1990s HOARD of mostly used stamps on stock pages in 2 old binders. Includes Ottoman types to 5 pi mint & used; 1914 pictorial ranges to 25pi & 50pi; Overprint ranges; 1920 pictorials to 50pi; extensive Ataturk definitive & commemorative selections which includes sets to the end of the period; Air Post ranges; Postage Dues; Postal Tax stamps; Officials; and a selection of Turkish Cyprus. Some duplication so postmark interest. (Approx 4200 stamps)


  • TURKEY POSTAL TAX 1952 Red Crescent Anniv m/s, Michel Block 3, NHM


  • TURKEY 1865-67 LOCAL ISSUES Lianos (Isfila YPO3/5) & Kustendje, mint. (4)


  • TURKEY OTTOMAN POSTS IN YEMEN Turkey 1892 1pi greyish-blue pair with very fine “HUDEIDA JUL 19 95” cds cancellation, C&W type C2.


  • TURKEY OTTOMAN POSTS IN YEMEN Turkey 1901 5pi reddish-lilac BLOCK OF SIX tied to a piece by violet “HUDEIDA 26-4-1904” cds cancellation, C&W type C3.


  • TURKEY DRAMATIC MISLANDS – PERF ERROR  to the 1964-65 10k blue Ataturk, Michel 1931, a part imperf block of four showing two stamps imperf and two stamps perf three sides, never hinged mint. (4 stamps)


  • TURKEY OTTOMAN POSTS IN YEMEN Turkey 1910 5pa yellow-ochre (Michel 179) pair with superb “HUDEIDA 17-10-11” cds cancellation, C&W type C6. Lovely.


  • TURKEY 1916 5pa on 10pa grey-green (on 1897 issue), block of four with DOUBLE ROW OF HORIZONTAL PERFS, Mi 396, very fine mint.


  • TURKEY 1913 20pa carmine, blue ovpt, IMPERF at base, Mi 223 VFM


  • TURKEY 1913 2pa olive, IMPERF at right, Mi 212, NHM


  • TURKEY 1868-70 25Ghr dull rose, perf.13¼, TURKISH “5” MISSING in top left value tablet, Mi 18A, mint.


  • TURKEY 1865 20pa ochre & 2Ghr blue, IMPERF SINGLES, Mi 6aU, 8U, 20pa fine mint, 2Ghr unused (2 stamps).


  • TURKEY NEWSPAPER STAMP 1891 1pi bluish grey (SG N136, Michel 66aA, Scott P12), fine used


  • TURKEY 1951 Kemal Ataturk definitives set, Michel 1294/1304, NHM. (10)


  • TURKEY 1922 3pi rose-carmine Parliament House, Michel 792z, NHM PAIR (2)


  • TURKEY 1953 Capture of Constantinople 500th Anniversary Souvenir Sheet, Scott 1101a, SG MS 1515a, never hinged mint


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