• HUNGARY 1940 Artist set,Mi 643/6, SPECIMEN COLLECTION MAURITANIE opts (4)


  • HUNGARY 1871 USED GROUP on a stock card, includes 1871 litho printings 5k (x2) & 25k (thin) and recess printings all values to 10k (x3), 15k (x3) & 25k with shades. Some with minor imperfections as usual. (23 stamps)


  • HUNGARY 1950 Air IMPERF set, Michel 1120/28 B, Scott C71/79, NHM (9)


  • HUNGARY 1948 Stamp Day & Congress sheetlets and 1949 Youth m/s, NHM (3)


  • HUNGARY 1933 5p indigo Air Post, Michel 510 (SG 562) vf used, cat €170


  • HUNGARY 1939 ARCHIVE SPECIMENS 1939 32f National Protestant Day both perf and imperf miniature sheets, Michel Blocks 5 and 6, partly affixed to archive paper and cancelled with three line “SPECIMEN / COLLECTION / MAURITANIE” handstamps in magenta, scarce items from the Mauritania UPU specimen archive. (2 mini-sheets)


  • HUNGARY 1942 ARCHIVE SPECIMENS 1942 Air Force Fund complete set, Michel 687/690, in strips of three affixed to part of archive sheet and cancelled with three line “SPECIMEN / COLLECTION / MAURITANIE” handstamps in magenta, unique items from the Mauritania UPU specimen archive. (12 stamps)


  • HUNGARY IMPERFORATE MINI-SHEETS 1958-1964 never hinged mint collection on stock pages, all different, includes 1958 Costumes & Flowers, 1960 Olympics, 1961 Venus & Liszt, 1962 Space Flights, Football & Malaria, 1963 Space Flights & Flowers, 1964 Olympics, Roosevelt, Stamp Day & Space Flight. Lovely condition, cat 720 Euro = £625+ (14 M/S’s)


  • HUNGARY 1872 (27 Nov) entire letter addressed locally, bearing 1871 3k green engraved tied by “Pest Terezvaros” cds cancel, plus transit mark on reverse.


  • HUNGARY 1934 Liszt mini-sheet, Michel Block 1, SG MS568, vf cds used


  • HUNGARY STAMP pictorial embossed postcard (Zieher, c.1905), unused.


  • HUNGARY 1933 ZEPPELIN SOUTH AMERICA – CHICAGO FLIGHT (10 Oct) postcard bearing four stamps incl 1933 5p Air tied by “Legi Posta Budapest” cds, plus “Matyasfold” & “Friedrichshafen” transit cds’s and blue “Zeooelin Utjan” and red triangular “Luftshiff Graf Zeppelin” cachets alongside and green “Friedrichshaven” arrival Zeppelin machine cancel on reverse. Lovely fresh condition, very scarce, expertized Aisslinger BPP.


  • HUNGARY 1940 Transylvanian Relief Fund complete set (Michel 640/642, SG 673/75), horizontal strips of 3 affixed to archive paper and tied by three line “SPECIMEN / COLLECTION / MAURITANIE” handstamps in magenta. Lovely fresh condition, unique items from the Mauritanian post office archive. (9 stamps)


  • HUNGARY 1949-50 3f Air UPU IMPERF stamp from mini-sheet,Michel 1111 B,NHM


  • HUNGARY 1964 Opening of Reconstructed Elizabeth Bridge miniature sheet IMPERF, Mi Block 45B, never hinged mint


  • HUNGARY 1964 Halas Lace complete set IMPERF, Mi 2000B/07B, never hinged mint. (8 stamps)


We sell Hungary stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Hungary Stamps – The first Hungary stamps were Austrian stamps issued on 1 June 1850, then for Austria and Hungary on 1 June 1867, and Hungary alone on 20 June 1868. An independent Hungarian postal administration was created in May 1867, as a result, Austrian stamps were withdrawn on 31 May and demonetized on 15 June. A joint issue was used throughout the Dual Monarchy for just over a year and the first stamps for Hungary alone were Newspaper stamps issued on 20 June 1868. However, the first postage stamps of Hungary were issued on 1 May 1871 and some of the rarest Hungary stamps come from this Lithographed provisional issue. This Dual Monarchy entered World War I on 28 July 1914 when war was declared on Serbia in retaliation for the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand at Sarajevo. Throughout the war, Hungarian forces fought with the Austrians on the eastern and southern fronts. All occupation stamps were overprinted on Austrian military post stamps. On 16 November a People’s Republic was formed. Overprinted stamps were issued on 23 November 1918.

The People’s Republic was replaced by a Bolshevik regime under Bela Kun on 22 March 1919. Stamps for this government were issued on 14 June. At the same time, a national government was formed in opposition under Admiral Horthy at Szeged and overprinted stamps for this were issued on 28 June 1919. This area was under French occupation. The French were also in occupation of the region of Arad and issued overprinted stamps for this area in May 1919. On 1 March 1920, Admiral Horthy was appointed Regent of Hungary after the National Assembly declared that Hungary was still a kingdom. The link with Austria was finally dissolved. Admiral Horthy continued as Regent of Hungary until October 1944. On 1 February 1946 the kingdom, which had lasted without a king since 1918, was replaced by a republic. Stamps for the new constitution were issued on 12 February 1946. We recommend the stamp listings in the Stanley Gibbons Part 2 “Austria & Hungary”, and also the Michel “Mittel- Europa” Volume 1.

Hungary Stamps