• CAMEROON 1967-70 group of Air Post EPREUVES DE LUXE all different (5)


  • CAMEROON 1969 AIR New Post Offices EPREUVES DE LUXE set, SG 533/5 fine (3)


  • CAMEROON 1971 “Philatecam 71” EPREUVES DE LUXE set, as SG 611/15, fine (5)


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Cameroon Stamps – Explore the fascinating world of Cameroon stamps, a valuable addition to any stamp collection. Cameroon, a country located in West Africa, has a rich history of stamp issuance dating back to the colonial era. With a wide range of themes, including local wildlife, historical events, and cultural traditions, Cameroon stamps offer a glimpse into the history and culture of this unique country. Some of the most sought-after Cameroon stamps include those featuring gorillas, elephants, and other local wildlife, as well as those that commemorate important historical events.

Whether you’re a seasoned stamp collector or just starting out, Cameroon stamps are a must-have for any collection. Discover the beauty and history of Cameroon through its stamps today!

Philatelic postscript:

Formerly a French colony, independence was achieved in 1960.

Cameroon Stamps