• EGYPT 1925-1949 ALL DIFFERENT VFM COLLECTION. An attractive collection, chiefly of complete sets, presented on pages & includes the 1925 Geographical set NHM, 1939-46 set, 1944-52 King set, 1947 Air set & more. Fine & fresh condition. (115+ stamps)


  • EGYPT 1953-1958 comprehensive NHM collection, all different (48 stamps)


  • EGYPT INTERPOSTAL SEALS 1867 Type III used group with 4 diff (5 seals)


  • EGYPT INTERPOSTAL SEALS 1868 Type IV used group (3 different)


  • EGYPT POSTAGE DUES 1884-1888 all different mint collection on a stock card. Offered “as is”. Includes 1884 10pa, 20pa (unused) and 5pi, 1886-87 1pi and 2pi, 1888 set to 2pi. Useful selection. Unchecked for forgeries. (9 stamps)


  • EGYPT USED IN DARDANELLI 1867-71 1pi (x3 incl pair) and 1872-75 1pi, all fine used with “Poste Egiziane Dardanelli” double-circle Type II cds cancels. Fresh & scarce. (4 stamps)


  • EGYPT 1998 £E1 Air Summit Meeting, SG 2079, superb never hinged mint upper right corner BLOCK of 6 (3×2) with the two right stamps with DOUBLE PERFORATION AT RIGHT varieties, Chalhoub C1418a. Very rare, only 5 such stamps exist. (6 stamps)


  • EGYPT UNADOPTED ESSAY 1995 Sheraton Hotel (as SG 1953) – a colour image of the hotel on card with hand-painted improvements and overlay with value & inscriptions, signed at the bottom. Overall size approx 200x245mm. A unique original artwork.


  • EGYPT 1866-1990’s INTERESTING COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION Mint (some never hinged) and used stamps in four volumes, includes 1866 1pi & 5pi imperfs, good Sphinx & Pyramids types, 1921-22 set used, 1922 opts set used incl both 100m, plus 100m wmk Crescent & Star (single) mint, 1923-24 King sets (x2) used, 1925 Geographical sets (x2) used, 1926 50p Birthday (x4, two mint), 1926-29 Air sets (x3) used, 1927-37 King set used, plus set to 200m mint, 1933 Railway set used, 1933 Aviation sets (x3, one mint), 1933-38 Air sets (x2) used, 1952 opts Postage (ex 6m) & Air sets used, 1969 Flags set mint, 1969 Cairo m/s’s NHM & on fdc, never hinged mint issues, stamps on pieces, blocks, mini-sheets, Officials 1952 opts set mint, Postage Dues 1884 set (ex 2pi) used, 1921-22 set mint, 1927-56 set mint, British Forces, Suez Canal forgeries, Palestine 1924 Dues set mint etc. Mostly good to fine condition. (4,000+ stamps)


  • EGYPT 1915 OAS postcard, Australian & N.Z. Convalescent Hospital cachet


  • EGYPT 1923-24 £E1 dull violet-blue & blue King, SG 122, fine mint, very fresh


  • EGYPT 1934 50p sepia Universal Postal Union Congress, SG 231, fine mint, very fresh.


  • EGYPT 1934 £E1 greenish blue Universal Postal Union Congress, SG 232, superb cds used, very fresh.


  • EGYPT 1879 10pa reddish lilac, wmk inverted, SG 45, fine mint


  • EGYPT 1879 20pa pale blue, watermark inverted, SG 46w, fine mint


  • EGYPT 1879 5pa brown with watermark inverted, SG 44w, VFU.


  • EGYPT 1879 5pa pale brown watermark inverted, SG 44w, fine used.


  • EGYPT USED IN TURKEY (SCIO) A beautiful group of 3 Egyptian Pyramid stamps postmarked , “V.R. POSTE EGIZIANE SCIO” (Type III – 1.n), at the Egyptian PO at Scio (3 stamps)


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