Gilbert and Ellice Islands STAMPS FOR SALE

  • GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS 1937-49 VERY FINE MINT complete collection, SG 40/62.(23 stamps)


  • GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS 1911 5d purple and olive, overprinted, SG 5, horizontal strip of 3 used with neat Protectorate cds cancels.


  • GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS 1911 Watermark MCA complete set SG 1/7, very fine used CDS, General Post Office TARAW(A) ISLANDS 20 Feb 1911 in violet. The missing (A) from Tarawa comes from the capITALIAN A beautiful matching set. (7 stamps)


  • GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS POSTAGE DUES 1940 Set of 8, SG D1/D8, fine mint.


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Gilbert and Ellice Islands Stamps – The Gilbert and Ellice Islands stamps are a rare and valuable collectable item for stamp enthusiasts. These stamps were issued between 1911 and 1976 and feature a variety of designs that showcase the culture and history of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, which were two British colonies located in the Pacific Ocean. With limited editions and unique designs, these stamps are sought after by collectors for their historical significance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, the Gilbert and Ellice Islands stamps are a must-have for any stamp collection.

Gilbert and Ellice Islands Stamps