• ITALY 1944 ANGLO-AM. OCCUP. 30C (reduced official rate) from Siracusa.


  • ITALY NEAPOLITAN PROVINCES 1861 ½ tornese green “Victor Emmanuel” IMPERF PROOF SPECIMEN with MISSING VIGNETTE, CEI N.PR-22, vertical PAIR, without gum as produced, never hinged & accompanied by Chiavarello Photo Certificate, Cat €6,000 (£5,000) beautiful item,


  • ITALY ITALIAN SOCIAL REPUBLICUBLIC (RSI) 1944 Airmail set including the Air Express stamp overprinted “G.N.R.” in Verona, Sassone S.1521, very fine NEVER HINGED MINT. Signed Raybaudi as Verona opts. Rare set, Cat €4200 (£3750) (9 stamps)


  • ITALY ITALIAN SOCIAL REPUBLICUBLIC 1944 30c brown with black Fascio OVERPRINT DOUBLE ONE DIAGONAL variety, Sassone 492Afa, superb never hinged mint lower marginal BLOCK of 4, very fresh, all stamps signed Raybaudi and Caffaz in pencil and with Caffaz photo-certificate for the original block of 8. A great display item, cat 2,200 Euro = £1,900+. (4 stamps)


  • ITALY PARCEL POST 1884 10c olive & 20c blue, Sassone 1/2, Mi 1/2, 20c blunt perfs at right, otherwise never hinged mint (2 stamps).


  • ITALY VENEZIA GIULIA 1918 5h & 15h local opt VARIETIES,Sass 2t+6t,vfm,2


  • ITALY CEPHALONIA & ITHACA – ITALIAN OCCUPATION. 1941 MINT “MYTHOLOGICAL” COLLECTION on a stock card, ALL DIFFERENT PAIRS & overprinted “Occupazione Militare Italiana isole Cefalonia e Itaca” & includes ALL values to 2Dr, Sass 11/17. An attractive mint assembly. Cat €625. (7 pairs = 14 stamps)


  • ITALY 1862 40c deep rose carmine, Sass 3a, superb NHM. Signed E Diena and Sorani, Cat €560 (£475)


  • ITALY 1863 RONCHI ESSAY 15c black imperf on bright emerald green paper, CEI S7s, very fine mint with no gum as issued. Wonderful fresh vibrant colour for this scarce essay.


  • ITALY 1954 P.due 25 L. wmk wheel SG D700 (Sass.107) never hinged mint.


  • ITALY 1923 Two complete sets, SG146-154 (Sass.141-149) v.fine mint (9)


  • ITALY 1928 Militia 2nd set, SG219/22 (Sass.220-23), very fine mint (4)


  • ITALY TRENTINO 1918 “Venezia Tridentina” overprinted complete set, SG 19/27 (Sass. 19-27), very fine used. Cat. €1350 (9 stamps)


  • ITALY TIENTSIN 1917 1 cent brown, SG 34 (Sass. 4) in stunning corner block of fifteen with plate number 5465. Unfortunately the perforations have been split in places and have been re-joined with hinges, so only five stamps are never hinged mint, the remaining being hinged with full original gum, very fine except for three stamps affected by a diagonal crease. Still a useful display block in spite of the damage suffered. Cat. value of the stamps only = € 1400+. (15 stamps)


  • ITALY 1924 Holy Year set, Sass S33, fine cds used (6 stamps)


  • ITALY 1928 1.25L blue St. Francis, perf 13½, SG 195A (Sassone 196), very fine mint. Cat €600.


  • ITALY 1928 20c green St Francis imperforate at base, SG 191 var. (Sassone 192e), very fine mint. Cat. € 320.


  • ITALY 1921 25c blue opt’d “BLP”, Sassone 3 (SG unlisted), never hinged mint, signed Emilio Diena. Cat € 750.


  • ITALY COSTANTINOPLE 1908 30pa on 15c slate, SG42 (Sassone 10), never hinged mint, cat €420


  • ITALY CEFALONIA AND ITHACA ITALIAN OCCUPATION 1941 80L+80L violet and brown overprinted horizontal pair, Sassone 16, never hinged mint, signed on the back.


  • ITALY 1926 5L + 2.50L Brown “St Francis”, Sass 197, good used


  • ITALY 1980-92 DRAMATIC CASTLE SERIES VARIETY 450L “Bosa Castle” (as Sass 1521) variety “PRINTED IN SLATE ONLY” & MISLANDS – PERFORATED, Bolaffi 1626B, Cat €4000 (£3500), never hinged mint  & accompanied by a Raybaudi Photo Certificate. A striking variety!.


  • ITALY 1949 BLOCKS OF 4 Volta’s Discovery of the Electric Cell perf 14 set (Sassone 611/12, SG 737/38), fine mint (the lower stamps never hinged) BLOCKS of 4, Lovely. (2 blocks = 8 stamps)


  • ITALY ESSAYS FOR NEWSPAPER STAMPS 1863 1c imperf values inscribed “PERIODICI / FRANCHI” with Head design, unapproved essays printed in five different colours on ungummed buff paper, fine and fresh, scarce items. (5 essays)


  • ITALY LUBIANA 1941 3d red-brown “Co. Ci.” OVERPRINT DOUBLE variety, Sassone 6aa, never hinged mint BLOCK of 4, a few tiny tone spots on gum, fresh colour, attractive. (4 stamps)


  • ITALY 1945 – 8 80c red “Democratica”, variety “double print”, Sass 549f, superb never hinged mint block of 4.


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Italy Stamps – The first Italy stamps were issued on 24th February 1862. These were similar in design to those issued by Sardinia in 1855 but perforated. The unification of Italy gradually assimilated the independent states which had been issuing stamps since 1850. The Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed on 17th March 1861. The first complete issue inscribed “Poste Italiane” was released on 1st December 1863. This was printed in both Turin and London. After World War I, Italy gained territory from Austria, particularly in the area of the Tyrol (Trentino) and Venezia Giulia. Stamps for these areas were issued on 11th November 1918. As Germany’s ally, Italy declared war on 10th June 1940, the following wartime period saw a tremendous array of overprinted and uniquely designed occupation stamp issues. Invaded by the Allies on 3rd September 1943 prolonged action continued throughout the war. British, American and other Allied forces Post Offices continued to operate until 1945.

On 17th September 1943 stamps for the Allied Military Government were issued in Sicily; further issues were released for use in Naples. The Royal Italian Government was re-established. At that time, control of the southern regions was transferred to them by the Allies and the Italy stamps issued prior to this date were used. On 23rd September 1943, Mussolini proclaimed the Italian Social Republic which administered those parts which were occupied by Germany. Overprinted stamps for this area were issued in February 1944.

In June 1944 King Victor Emmanuel abdicated in favour of his son Umberto, who became Regent and then King of Italy. On 10th June 1946, a republic was formed and Umberto abdicated. The first stamps of the republic were issued on 31st October 1946.

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