• DENMARK LOCAL STAMPS 1886-90 VIBORG BYPOST issues, on album pages with mint & used stamps incl. 1887 5o mint block of 4 Clean & fine (23 stamps + 1 block of 4).


  • DENMARK 1930s – 1980s loose stamps in glassines. (approx 1,800 stamps)


  • DENMARK LOLLANDSBANEN 1960’s local railway parcel stamps blocks,NHM, 300+


  • DENMARK 1917 WWI POW MAIL two censored stampless covers from Russian prisoners in Germany (one from Gutersloh, one from Bischofswerda) addressed to the Moscovite Committee for POW in Copenhagen. (2)


  • DENMARK 1926 OVERPRINTED Official set, Mi 159/165, never hinged mint.(7)


  • DENMARK 1925-34 AIR POST COLLECTION Includes 1925-26 set, SG 224/26, Mi 143/45, 1929 set of additional values, SG 227/28, Mi 180/81, 1934 set of 5, SG 287/91, Mi 217/21. A lovely lightly hinged or never hinged group (10 stamps)


  • DENMARK 1929 50ore grey (Air), SG 227, Mi 180, fine used


  • DENMARK 1922 1Kr brown & blue, Mi 128, never hinged mint


  • DENMARK 1904 50 and 100 Ø, SG 107/08, two key values, very fine used.(2)


  • DENMARK 1857 8 S green, SG 12 (Mi 5), fine used.


  • DENMARK 1870 2s,3s (x2),4s & 8s inv frames 1886 IMPERF REPUBLICRINTS,unused(5)


  • DENMARK 1912-29 two complete sets + good singles, Cat. v €190, VFM (11)


  • DENMARK XMAS SEALS 1972 set of 11 progressive proof sheets of 50, NHM.


  • DENMARK 1915 5kr dp carm-red Post Office, P14x14½, wmk Crosses SG 185 VFU


  • DENMARK PERFINS 1897-1934 used group, incl “GB” (9 stamps)


  • DENMARK 1858 8s green,SG 18,Mi 8,Facit 8,used,tiny thin,4 large margins


  • DENMARK 1904-06 complete set, Michel 47 II/52 I, good used (6)


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Denmark Stamps – A royal mail service was established in Denmark in 1624. Postal markings began to appear in the 17th century. There were many different types of postmarks including some which incorporated distances in miles used to calculate those early mail charges. On 1st April the first Danish stamps were issued. The introduction of adhesives led to an expansion of the postal service; new values were required and a different design was released in 1854. The stamps were cancelled with numeral postmarks indicating the town of origin and are eagerly sought by collectors.
Well Known Denmark Stamps

One of the most well-known Denmark stamps is the 1851 2R.B.S. blue. Despite being the 2nd stamp to be issued by nearly a month is generally listed as the first stamp. It was successfully plated by the British Prince of Wales (later King George V) who holidayed in Denmark and was given access to the Copenhagen post office records!

In World War I Denmark remained neutral, but after the war, the northern part of Schleswig voted to return to Denmark. In World War II Denmark was invaded by Germany in April 1940 and was occupied until 1945. During the German occupation, existing Danish stamps continued to be used and 11 special overprints were produced. After the collapse of Germany, the Danish government quickly established control and normal postal services resumed and beautiful stamps are regularly issued.

Denmark Stamps