• MONTSERRAT 1938-48 NEVER HINGED MINT VIEWS. An attractive collection of the “Views” pictorial definitive set that includes a complete set (SG 101a/112) plus listed “perf 14” variants of ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2½d, 6d, 1s & 2s6d, fine & fresh, never hinged mint (19 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1903 5s black & scarlet, wmk Crown CC, SG 23, very fine mint.


  • MONTSERRAT 1986 PROGRESSIVE COLOUR IMPERF PROOFS Tourism complete set (SG 710/13), each value with six different colour separations and imperf proof in the issued colours, all in matching lower left corner PLATE ‘IA’ BLOCKS of 4. Never hinged mint, attractive. (28 blocks = 112 proofs)


  • MONTSERRAT 1911-35 KGV MINT COLLECTION presented on an old album page that includes 1916-22 MCA Wmk range with most values to 2s6d & 5s, 1922-29 range with most values to 5s, 1935 Silver Jubilee set. An attractive range (35 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1908-14 CONTROL MULTIPLE ½d deep green, MCA Wmk, SG 35, CONTROL (Number 1) BLOCK OF 6 stamps, never hinged mint (6 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1884-85 2½d ultramarine, variety “INVERTED WATERMARK”, SG 10w, mint with perf faults at top


  • MONTSERRAT 1876-83 1d red (of Antigua) opt’d “Montserrat”, variety “INVERTED & REVERSED WATERMARK”, SG 1y, used.


  • MONTSERRAT 1876-83 1d red (of Antigua) opt’d “Montserrat”, variety REVERSE WATERMARK, SG 1x, mint horizontal pair (2 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1914 KGV 5s red & green/yellow, MCA Wmk, opt’d “SPECIMEN”, SG 48s, never hinged mint


  • MONTSERRAT 1946 SPECIMEN Victory set perfin “SPECIMEN”, SG 113s/114s, very fine mint (2 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1932 300th Anniversary of Settlement complete set, SG 84/93, very fine mint. (10 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1876-1992 HIGH-POWERED COLLECTION ON LEAVES comprising mint, never hinged mint and used stamps, plus a few covers and cards. Stamps including 1876-83 1d and 6d mint; 1880 (CC) 2½d and 4d mint (the 2½d no gum); 1903-08 (one of each value) to 2s6d mint; 1908-14 1d to 5s mint; 1914 KGV 5s mint; 1916-29 set (one of each value & colour) mint; 1935 Jubilee set used; KGVI complete basic run mint or used (1938-48 set used & 1951 set mint); QEII nicely REPUBLICresented through to 1970’s, plus a few later. Covers and cards including 1905 picture postcard to England, 1918 registered cover to USA bearing War Stamp ½d x 10, etc. A lovely collection! (300+ stamps, 6 min sheets, plus 9 covers/cards)


  • MONTSERRAT 1947 UPA PRESENTATION FOLDER with 1938-48 complete set to 5s, SG 101/110, and 1946 ‘Victory’ set, mint. (12 stamps in single folder)


  • MONTSERRAT 1908-14 1s black on green, wmk MCA, SG 44, VFU


  • MONTSERRAT 1904-08 5s black and red, chalky paper SG 33, fine mint.


  • MONTSERRAT 1953-62 Pictorial set, inscribed Colony (II), SG 136b/149a, VFU.


  • MONTSERRAT 1938-48 Pictorial definitive set, SG 101a/112, VFM (12 stamps)


  • MONTSERRAT 1917 “WAR STAMP” red overprint ½d green, watermark inverted and reversed, SG 60y, fine fresh mint.


  • MONTSERRAT 1908-14 complete set overprinted “SPECIMEN”, SG 35/47s, plus 3d white back, fine mint. (11 stamps)


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