• NEPAL 1957 Nepalese Crown complete set, SG 103/14, NHM, fresh (12)


  • NEPAL 1881 4a yellow-green imperf, SG 6 (Scott 6), unused, no gum as issued with 4 neat margins, horizontal crease. Cat £350.


  • NEPAL 1881 white wove paper, imperf, 1a blue (Hellrigl 4a, SG 4, Scott 4), four large margins and neat Palpa bluish green cancel.


  • NEPAL 1881 white wove paper, imperf, 1a deep ultramarine (Hellrigl 4a, SG 4, Scott 4), fine used with 4 good margins.


  • NEPAL 1898-99 4a green imperf on native paper, SG 9, very fine unused.


  • NEPAL 1881 1a blue imperf on white wove paper, SG 4 (Scott 4) used with 3 margins, very fine used on neat piece with clear & full Salyan cancellation. Ex Hellrigl. Cat £200.


  • NEPAL OFFICIALS 1959 6p, 8p & 32p on native cover, cachet on front


  • NEPAL 1956 (2 May) 6p and 1r Coronation stamps on FIRST DAY COVER, unaddressed with typed FDC inscription, the stamps tied by special FDI cancellation. The other stamps from this set were issued on the following day.


  • NEPAL 1887-1904 POSTAL STATIONERY “Horse and Kukri” two stationery postcards on thick local paper, some toning but a nice pair (2 postcards)


  • NEPAL 1904 PRIMITIVE HANDMADE COVER bearing 1a blue, Pokhara to Kathmandu, addressed to the Maharaja, Ex Hellrigl collection.


  • NEPAL 1907 PRIMITIVE HANDMADE COVER bearing 1a blue, posted Pokhara & addressed to the Maharaja & Prime Minister (Chandra Shamsher), Ex Hellrigl collection.


  • NEPAL 1954 New Currency complete definitive set, SG 73/84, very fine mint. (12 stamps)


  • NEPAL 1954 Map complete set, SG 85/96, vfm, fresh (12)


  • NEPAL 1956 Coronation complete set, SG 97/101, vfm, fresh (5)


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