K.U.T./British East Africa STAMPS FOR SALE

  • K.U.T. 1960 First Day Cover with complete set, SG 183/198. (16 stamps)


  • K.U.T. KENYA, UGANDA & TANZANIA 1960’s-1970’s USED COLLECTION on pages, includes Tanganyika, Tanzania 1965 sets (x2), 1967-73 Fish set, Uganda 1962-64 set (ex 10s), 1965 Birds set, 1969-74 Flowers set, Kenya 1963 set, 1966-71 Animals set (ex 1.50s) etc. Good to fine condition. (500+ stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1912-1935 FINE MINT COLLECTION on pages, includes 1912-21 set to 5r with shades incl 2r (x2), 1935-37 Pictorials set (£1 some gum toning) incl 5c Type II (x4) etc. Fine & fresh condition. (55+ stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1941-42 70c on 1s block of 4 with marginal arrow, SG 154, NHM


  • K.U.T. 1935-37 complete Pictorial set, SG 110/123, plus 5c rope joined to sail, very fine mint. (15 stamps)


  • K.U.T. REVENUE STAMPS 1922 Kenya Judicial (16mm) ovpts on 1s to £1, BF 25-31, used. (7 stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 1c black & chocolate-brown perf 13¼x13¾ “A” OF “CA” MISSING FROM WATERMARK variety, SG 131ab, within superb never hinged mint marginal block of 12, very fresh & attractive. (12 stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1941 70c on 1s brown and chalky blue block of 4 with the “arrow” guide mark in lower selvage, the lower pair with “CRESCENT MOON FLAW” (SG 154a) very fine used, the upper pair creased.


  • K.U.T. 1941-42 70c on 1s brown & chalky blue overprint with CRESCENT MOON FLAW variety, SG 154a, fine never hinged mint bottom marginal arrow horizontal PAIR, very fresh. An attractive positional piece. (2 stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1922-27 2s dull purple WATERMARK CROWN TO RIGHT OF CA variety, SG 88w, used with parcels cds cancel, small imperfections.


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 1c RETOUCHED VALUE TABLET,SG 131ad,within used BLOCK of 4


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 1c RETOUCHED VALUE TABLET, SG 131ad,within NHM BLOCK of 4


  • K.U.T. 1912-21 3r violet & green,SG 55,fu,oval “Mombasa Registered” pmk


  • K.U.T. 1912-21 10r red & green on green, SG 58, never hinged mint, centred to lower right but well clear of the perforations, very fresh.


  • K.U.T. 1903-04 50r grey & red-brown WATERMARK INVERTED variety, SG 16w, fine used with large violet “East Africa” Arms cancel. Fresh & very rare, this variety in used condition exists only with fiscal cancels. 


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 30c black and dull violet-blue, perf 14, SG 141a, very fine mint.


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 £1 black & red perf 14 chalky paper, SG 150a, NHM, fresh


  • K.U.T. 1922-27 10s bright blue WMK TO RIGHT, SG 94w, fiscally used


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 SPECIALIZED COLLECTION OF 1C “CROWNED CRANES. An interesting & attractive mint & used collection, neatly presented with a wealth of shades & multiples bearing “Damaged Value Tablet” & “Retouched Value Tablet” varieties. We see a selection of lower imprint corner blocks of 14 stamps, bearing “Retouched Value Tablets”, inc plate 4A NHM & used, plate 5A used, plate 5B x2 NHM, plate 6B NHM, plate 7b with no varieties, a extensive selection of identified shades, a selection of perforation variants, damaged value tablets on two stamps & a block of 10 bearing retouched value tablet. An interesting collection (150 stamps)


  • K.U.T. REVENUE STAMPS – KENYA JUDICIAL circa 1928 K.U.T. KGV £5 and £10 overprinted “KENYA / JUDICIAL”, Barefoot 16/17, fine used. (2 stamps)


  • K.U.T. 1938 5s black and carmine, perf 13¼, SG 148, mint.


  • K.U.T. 1938 1s perf 13 x 11.25, SG 145, never hinged mint


  • K.U.T. 1948 Royal Silver Wedding set, SG 157/158, never hinged mint (2)


  • K.U.T. 1912-21 20r purple and blue on blue, SG 60, fine Telegraph used.


  • K.U.T. 1903-04 4r grey and emerald-green, wmk Crown CC, SG 12, very fine used.


  • K.U.T. 1947 3s deep violet-blue and black, SG 147a, fine mint


  • K.U.T. 1935-37 1s black & green, perf 13 x 12, SG 118b, good to fine used


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 VARIETY 10c black & green, variety “MOUNTAIN RETOUCH”, SG 135a, fine used with clear profile.


  • K.U.T. 1922-27 VARIETY 2s dull purple, variety “Wmk Crown to right of CA”, SG 88w, used with central Nairobi cds


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 5s & 10s pictorials perf 13¼, SG 148/149, very fine mint, cat £310 (2 stamps)


  • BRITISH EAST AFRICA 1896-1901 4½a, 7½a and 8a, SG 71, 73, 74, fine mint (3)


  • K.U.T. 1935-37 Pictorial set, SG 110/123, very fine mint (14 stamps).


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 5s black & carmine, P13¼, SG 148, VFM, usual brownish gum


  • K.U.T. 1941-42 VARIETY 70c on 1s brown and chalky blue, variety “CRESCENT MOON”, SG 154a, lower marginal horizontal pair with both stamps never hinged mint.


  • K.U.T. 1938-54 1c RETOUCHED VALUE TABLET,SG 131ad,within vfm BLOCK of 6


  • K.U.T. 1912-21 10r red & green on green KGV, SG 58, fine mint, fresh.


We sell K.U.T./British East Africa stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

K.U.T./British East Africa Stamps – Although the postal administrations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika were amalgamated in 1933, and the stamps bearing those names together did not appear until 1935, this general heading tends to capture for many stamp collectors the issues of British East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorate, Kenya and Uganda, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika, Kenya Uganda and Tanzania and so on.

The most famous and rare KUT stamps are the spectacular 1925 £100 red and black, the top value of the truly wonderful 1922-27 series with its bi-coloured £1 to £100 stamps. The entire mint set catalogues over £450,000, The Royal collection contains this complete set in corner blocks of four with plate numbers!

Another favourite amongst collectors is the 1938-54 Pictorial issue of King George VI with its beautiful designs including mountains, lakes, dhows and lions and its many damaged and retouched plate flaws, watermark varieties, and different printings, especially during wartime which created many distinct shades and a range of different perforations to make this issue a philatelists favourite. Stanley Gibbons lists over 70 possible stamps from a basic set of 20! The postmarks and postal history of this entire area are also popular with philatelists who hunt down as many different cancellations and postal cachets as possible.

K.U.T./British East Africa Stamps