• RUSSIA REVENUE STAMPS collection on album pages, great strength in Imperial Russia. Includes General Duty, Postal Savings Receipt, Theatre Tax, Tobacco Licence, Tobacco Strips (approx 20, impressive array, varied condition), Tribunal Court, etc. Also Municipals including Moscow Police, Odessa, St Petersburg Police and Residence Permit. And more! (220+ stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1908-18 2k green WITHOUT VARNISH LINES variety, Michel 64 F1, never hinged mint marginal STRIP of 5 with margins on both sides, fresh. (5 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1935 Underground Railway complete set (SG 688/91, Michel 509/12), fine mint, 5k & 20k with wmk horizontal, Michel 509 & 512 Y, fresh. (4 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1923 Charity Philately for Workers overprints complete basic set – 1r+1r on 10r with overprinted in gold and the other two stamps overprinted in bronze (Michel 221b, 213ax & 214a, SG 315 & 317/18), very fine used on pieces on pieces tied by Cyrillic “Moskva 1.5. 23” cds cancels. (3 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1920 SOUTH RUSSIA Bogus locally overprinted set on Ukraine stamps. (4)  


  • RUSSIA NORTH INGRIA 1920 COMPLETE SET, Mi 1/7, very fine mint. (7 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1937-38 Constitutional Arms of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, USSR, Turkmen and Ukraine complete set, Sc 647/658 (SG 753/764, Mi 602/613), never hinged mint. Wonderful fresh subtle colours. (12)


  • RUSSIA REVENUE STAMPS A very substantial accumulation on old stockleaves, some heavy duplication but with much of interest. Note General Revenue 1875-1887 types (watermarks unchecked by us), 1907-17 all values to 5R (20+), 1922 imperfs to 1000R (4), 1923 overprinted imperfs, 1923 Arms to 1000R (13), etc. Also Postal Savings Receipt, Tribunal Court, a few Municipals, etc. (approx 1,000 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1908-18 5k imperf IMPRESSION DOUBLE,SG 111Ba,Mi 67B DD,NHM PAIR,2


  • RUSSIA 1884 3.5r grey and black, SG 47 (Michel 38y), vert laid paper, fine used.


  • RUSSIA 1858 20k orange and blue, SG 6 (Michel 6) good used.


  • RUSSIA 1935 Spartacist Games complete set, Scott 559/68, VFU. (10)


  • RUSSIA 1934 Air Civil Aviation no wmk set,SG 643B/47B,Mi 462/6 Z,vfu (5)


  • RUSSIA 1934 10th Anniversary of Death of Lenin, SG 648/652, fine mint (5 stamps).


  • RUSSIA 1949 40k Lomonosov lower marginal imperf at base, Mi 1311Uu, VFU.


  • RUSSIA 1921 5000r, 7500r, 10000r and 22500r Industry imperfs each with “SPECIMEN” handstamp affixed to piece, SG 256s, 257s, 259s & 260s, possibly unique (4 stamps)


  • RUSSIA NORTH OSSETIA 1997-2000 local private opts on de Gaulle covers,11


  • RUSSIA CHECHNYA 2000-05 local private stamps on spec de Gaulle covers(8)


  • RUSSIA PO’S IN THE TURKISH EMPIRE 1913 30pi on 3r deep violet Romanov issue, SG 199, fine used.


  • RUSSIA 1933 Leningrad Philatelic Exhibition overprints complete set, Mi 427/28, SG 606/07, very fine mint. (2 stamps)


  • RUSSIA 1934 Birth Centenary of Dmitri Mendeleev (Chemist) complete set, Scott 536/39, SG 655/58, Mi 476/79, never hinged mint (4 stamps)


We sell Russia stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Russia Stamps – The first stamp of Russia was intended to have been perforated. However, due to problems with building the perforating machinery the imperforated sheets of 10k blue and brown Russia stamps had to be distributed in early December in time for the official day of issue on 1st January 1858. Although not an error the reasons behind Russia’s first stamp being imperforate are not the same as seen in other countries. Problems in manufacturing postmark devices also meant that many of these first stamps were cancelled by a penned cross, the technique already employed on postal stationery envelope impressions. The perforating apparatus now working the full perforated set of 10k, 20k & 30k was issued during January and February 1858.

The small-sized but colourful ‘Arms’ definitive stamps gave way after the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic was proclaimed to much surcharging and overprinting due to the upheavals of revolution and civil war. After 1923 and the founding of the U.S.S.R. there were many more pictorial issues and the uplifting patriotic images were welcomed by collectors at home and abroad bringing in much-needed currency, the local philatelists often obtaining the used examples at reasonable prices.

The Russian Civil War period during 1918-20 gave stamp collections another interesting area with the various armies and regional governments issuing unique and overprinted issues including the Refugee Post of General Wrangle. Russian stamps and postal history are amongst the most popular in the world, many books on the postmarks, proofs, essays, errors and varieties have been written and excellent listings of the stamps. Contact us if you would like any assistance collecting stamps of Russia.

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