The (payment) arrived today.  Thanks for your prompt attentions and your expertise.

– Mrs B, UK, 16th August 2023

I wish to thank the staff at Sandafayre in Knutsford for the service given during my quite short visit last week Downsizing is a tedious and sometimes worrying stage in ones life, and for a  non specialised person, selling just a few 100 year old stamps was a little daunting.
However, Mr. Vincent Green explained the procedure and after a 1/4 hour research, a fair and acceptable offer sealed the deal.

– Mr W, UK, 11th August 2023

I am very happy and thank you for your professionalism and courtesy. 

– Mr S, Switzerland, 11th August 2023

Very pleased with your service and thank you very much 

– Mr C, UK, 4th August 2023

Thanks folks , I received this shipment today. Excellent packaging, and very fast. I appreciate all your hard work/time.

– Mr C, UK, 3rd August 2023

This is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your time and expertise.

– Ms M, UK, 2nd August 2023

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent service. 

– Mr C, UK., 21st July 2023

Thank you so much for sending this through (report of auction sales), we are pleased with the result.

– Mr W, UK, 20th July 2023

The cheque arrived yesterday, very many thanks, better than expected! – Please pass on my thanks to those involved.

– Mr M, UK, 22nd June 2023

You have quickly turned into my favorite company to deal with!  Your front-line staff are AMAZING! The simple and pleasant interaction I have with your ladies is wonderful, thet make a world of a difference in my experience. I also would like to commend Mr. Adam Butler who prepares my shipments; I have bought from every major auction house in Europe and the US, and no one prepares a package like he does!  I have come to appreciate the quality of your stamps and covers! Clean, great consistent quality and very accurate descriptions! The consistency of these qualities has made your company my favorite auction house. I would easily grade Sandafayre as the one of the best if not the best stamp auction house in the world!  

– Dr A, USA., 31st May 2023

Thank you for your great effort and help with all my questions. I have to say that this is really great service. Of all the English auction houses I buy from (names of 3 major UK stamp auctions withheld) I feel that I’m in the best hands with you, and that deserves a mention of praise 

– Mrs E, Germany, 16th May 2023

Never known such friendly, fast, and efficient firm anywhere! No praise high enough. And I’ve no shares in the company!!! (Worse luck.) Recommended without reservation.

– Mr H, UK, 26th April 2023

You do a great service to philately with these videos 

– Mr D, UK., 14th January 2023

Thank you for providing excellent content on your YouTube channel. Also enjoy exploring your website.

– Mr S, USA, 19th November 2022

I just wanted to thank you for your fine website and auctions.  I thoroughly enjoy your videos and postings and I’ve learned quite a lot from both.  I am a casual GB Queen Victoria era collector and have purchased a few items from your mail-bid and live auctions since 2019.  I very much appreciate your professionalism and your sense of humor displayed in both your videos and live auctions.  You’ve definitely increased my enjoyment of the hobby.

– Mr R, USA, 13th November 2022

Many thanks to all of you in selling at auction my late husband’s stamp collection. I really do apreciate the efforts you put into the sale and your very kind additional donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.

– Mrs T, UK, 23rd October 2022

Sandafayre sold at auction my late husband’s collection of First Day Covers. Earlier this year I took the collection to Knutsford for a valuation and their advice. The whole process was straightforward and simple. The stamps did not have a very high value but I was treated with great courtesy throughout. I advised the auctioneer that any proceeds would be donated to the Macmillan fund and they very kindly waived their auction charges. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sandafayre (Holdings) Ltd to anyone who has stamps to dispose of.

– Mrs T, UK., 20th September 2022

Thank you all very much for your very generous and kind assistance and in addition for the speedy money transfers.

– Mr L, Ireland., 26th August 2022

Sold a collection through Vince at Sandafayre, have to say it was excellent service, very professional and Vince was a pleasure to do business with.

– Mr M, Australia, 14th August 2022

Used this company to sell a collection, the whole process was seamless, the buyer was incredibly helpful and informative. Will definitely use again 😊

– Mrs S, UK, 13th August 2022

I have received your parcel and am very grateful. Your service was truly outstanding.

– Mrs W, UK, 24th June 2022

Sandafayre recently sold my large stamp collection and I was very pleased with their service. From the initial valuation to the auction I was kept informed how things were proceeding and the auction was extremely professional. I was delighted with the result. (Auctioneers note: this was an important property which we carefully offered as several hundred lots, our expert handling of the very specialised material garnered worldwide attention and proved to be one of the highlights of the UK philatelic auction season)

– Mrs S, UK, 27th May 2022

Good to have an honest, upfront conversation.

– Mr S, UK, 30th April 2022

Been with Sandafayre for a good few years now, always happy to talk, and brilliant with stamps and advice, aways a pleasure, the wealth of knowledge this place and the guys here, I thank you.

– Mr B, UK, 18th April 2022

I spent a couple of hours online with your auction on Saturday. The material was first class. I have been to many online stamp auctions over the last two years and would like you to know that I think yours is the best I have been to so far. So keep up the good work.

– Mr R, UK., 13th April 2022

Thank you for sending all the items I bid for and won. They arrived safely today and I am so pleased. I have already bid for more items in the next two sales.

– Mr O. UK, 22nd March 2022, 22nd March 2022

Thank you ever so much for your kind assistance, if ever the charity receives any future collections I will be sure to get in touch with yourselves. 

– Ms P, UK. 22nd March 2022, 21st March 2022

Thanks for the fantastic stamp collections I have bought through Sandafayre. Your staff are great.

– Mr N, UK, 16th February 2022

Cheque received this morning in respect of stamps sold in your auction on 4th December. Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service.

– Mr P, UK., 7th January 2022

Thank you so much for getting back to me with such good advice.

– Mr W, UK., 30th December 2021

Just a quick note to say Thank You for your professional service and a big thank you to your packaging team who are credit to your Auction.

– Mr B, UK., 15th December 2021

Hi Vincent, a note to say thank you.  All of my auction lots sold and I am very pleased with the prices.

– Mr B, UK., 7th December 2021

I’m very happy with the service I received. Vincent was quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. A pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend them.

– Ms W, UK,, 25th November 2021

Thank you for your prompt attention and your payment has indeed arrived at my account. It has been a pleasure to do business with you also and I have been moved by the very complimentary words of praise for my brother’s lifetime work and passion.

– Mr H, UK, 15th September 2021

Must mention how impressed I was with the lots on offer on Saturday, excellent well done all at Sandafayre.

– Mr B. UK, 12th September 2021

That’s fantastic, well done you guys.

– Mr H, UK, 18th August 2021

Thank you for the thoroughly professional and friendly manner that you and your team have shown during this entire process. I can confirm that your offer for my stamp collection is acceptable.

– Mr M, UK, 27th July 2021

Once again thanks for your help and forbearance, it makes a change these days to deal with someone who actually’ cares’ when doing their job.

– Mr W, UK, 12th June 2021

Great service provided by Karl Hogg when helping us sell an inherited collection of stamps. All aspects of the sale dealt with expeditiously which was much appreciated.

– Mr and Mrs B, UK, 11th June 2021

Dear Sandafayre, just want to thank you so much for the stamp hinges that you sent me. Thanks also for your friendliness.

– Mr S. South Africa, 24th May 2021

The attention to requests that you have always given to my concerns, is absolutely awesome

– Mr S, India, 19th April 2021

In these times of instant transactions and anonymous companies, Sandafayre’s Internet presence remains a breath of fresh air for every philatelist, whether they be a newcomer or a seasoned specialist, and whether they want access to regular auctions, to private sales – or to efficient, transparent valuations and good advice.

By always putting the customer first, Sandafayre has successfully combined the best traditions of an established philatelic dealer with the best practices of today’s Internet-based business.

But what makes these people different? Whether you are a buyer or a seller – or whether you’re seeking a valuation you can trust – it’s the straightforward, honest way in which Sandafayre communicates and does business: namely, people talking with people, and sharing their interest and knowledge.

– Mr T, UK, 12th April 2021

Just a quickie to say thank you, delighted with the result of Saturdays auction.

– Mr B, UK, 15th March 2021

Vincent and team – another great job… Well done!

– Mr K, UK, 14th March 2021

Just want to let you know that your transfer already arrived on my account this morning. Thanks for your efficient handling of the whole process. 😊

– Mrs K, Germany, 25th February 2021

That is why I send my lots to the experts.

– Mr B, UK, 8th February 2021

I have received the payment for my late brother’s stamps and would like to thank you all for your prompt and efficient service.

– Mrs M, UK, 5th February 2021

Thank you again for your ‘straight dealing’ approach to valuation.

– Mr T, UK, 25th January 2021

To sell my stamp collection was a very difficult decision to make.  I had been collecting stamps for 65 plus years and over that time had refined and concentrated it into a reasonable collection I could be proud of with a big investment in both time and money.  Over the years I had dealt with several stamp companies and when it came to selling it I wanted it to be dealt with by a group I could trust. This was important as I now live in Thailand and was dealing with a company in Britain.  I had found Sandafayre to be both reliable and friendly and very approachable in the past when I bought stamps from them.  They seemed to understand my anguish as I discussed selling and were very supportive and helpful every step of the way as I procrastinated and wavered over my decision.  All the advice they gave me regarding shipping and preparation was spot on and my concerns about the process were wonderfully dealt with.  They made the whole process much more bearable than I could have dared to hope for.  I am very grateful.

– Mr H, Thailand, 22nd January 2021

I have bought several lots in recent sales and I am very impressed by the quality of lots, and even more impressed by the service that you and your staff provide.

– Mr G, UK, 17th January 2021

As an avid stamp collector all his life my husband has dealt with Sandafayre for many years, both buying and selling. Due to illness, he has recently been selling parts of his collection and Sandafayre have been amazing both with their expertise and advice. Vincent Green has shown particular kindness and support and I can only thank him for his sympathetic handling of the gradual sale of my husband’s beloved stamp collection. I cannot rate Sandafayre more highly and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone wishing to buy or sell stamps.

– Mrs W, UK, 7th January 2021

I have recently used the services of Sandafayre to sell a stamp collection. The service from start to finish has been so helpful, honest and I consider the staff and this company honest and trustworthy. I would highly recommend.

– Ms H, UK, 4th January 2021

Really good experience. I was selling a collection which belonged to my late father and the estimates were pretty spot on. Everyone I spoke to at Sandafayre was really helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

– Ms G, UK, 4th January 2021

Excellent service from a well respected company. Many thanks.

– Mr M, UK, 3rd January 2021

Once again thank you for the time and effort you & your company have put into this, including all the assistance you have provided in helping me sort my mum’s estate.

– Ms B, UK, 21st December 2020

I’ve been very impressed with the way you and your team have operated over the two auctions I’ve been involved in.

– Mr K, UK, 14th December 2020

Just a quick note to say lots received today and probably the best packed for safety I’ve ever received from an auction house.

– Mr N, UK, 14th December 2020

I am delighted!!!

– Mr C, UK, 14th December 2020

Thanks for your supreme kindness and time.

– Mr V, Portugal, 10th December 2020

Thank you for the insight and help!

– Mr L, USA, 9th December 2020

It was very exciting indeed. Thank you for all your pre-auction work in finding buyers. We could not help but notice how your specialist descriptions of each lot must have played a huge part in the decisions being made.

– Mrs M, UK, 8th December 2020

I must say, I have been more than pleased with the results.

– Mrs D, USA, 28th November 2020

The money arrived in our account this morning. We would like to say a sincere thank you for the timeous and professional way Sandafayre handled the whole process.

– Mr & Mrs M, UK, 17th November 2020

Thank you so much for your prompt reply as other people were also contacted but did not reply. Also thank you for your advice.

– Mr B, India, 16th November 2020

The payment has arrived in my account. Many thanks for your swift and professional service.

– Mr E, UK, 7th October 2020

Thanks again for your great service!

– Mr H. UK, 14th September 2020

Sandafayre is an extremely professional and dedicated auction house. You provide extremely high quality items. I always enjoy bidding with you.

– Mr E. UK, 9th September 2020

I now understand that it is so much simpler that I thought! The lot arrived this morning and I’m very pleased with it. Looking forward to buying from you again.

– Mr S. UK, 7th September 2020

 That seems a very good result, I’m certainly pleased.

– Mr W. UK, 19th June 2020

Excellent result. Thank you to your team.

– Mr G. UK, 19th June 2020

I can do this [bid online] because your descriptions are always accurate.

– Mr P, Canada, 18th June 2020

May I just say how much I appreciate your help and rapid response. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues and contacts.

– Mr W, UK, 8th June 2020

This has been outstanding service! Thank you very much.

– Mr P, Greece, 13th May 2020

OK you guys rock!!!! I will have to buy some more now!!!

– Mr A, USA, 1st May 2020

This is the best help I’ve ever experienced.

– Mr M, UK, 24th April 2020

Thank you. I should also mention that (the auction lot) exceeded my expectations!

– Mr S, USA, 10th April 2020

I think Sandafayre are great!

– Mr G, USA, 6th April 2020

Thank you for all your hard work.

– Mr M, UK, 5th April 2020

Thank you for the efficient way that Cheshire Stamp Auctions have handled these stamps.

– Mr D, UK, 4th April 2020

Started buying from you recently, I think the service is superb.

– Mr B, UK, 24th March 2020

To all the team at Sandafayre, huge thanks for your help to me as a personal visitor to the auction… you were fantastic.

– Mr S, UK, 24th March 2020

The Saturday Auction was the first time I had used your auction. Can I congratulate your team and especially the auctioneer… my thanks for all your efforts.

– Mr S, UK, 22nd March 2020

Thank you so much! Wonderful service, much appreciated!

– Mrs K, UK, 12th March 2020

Thank you – I will be certain to recommend you to anyone else in the same situation.

– Ms L, UK, 9th March 2020

First time I have used Sandafayre – wonderful.
– Mr S, UK, 27th February 2020
I like Sandafayre so much because you give me the auction results straight away and I receive my lots quickly.
– Mr I, UK, 12th February 2020
Arrived Today! Beautiful stamp… worth the wait. Cheers!

– Mr W, Australia, 30th January 2020

Many thanks for selling the collection.

– Mr L, Ireland, 2nd January 2020

Watched the auction live and really enjoyed it.

– Mr N, UK, 31st December 2019

We are very happy with the result.

– Mr & Mrs T, UK, 30th December 2019

I’m very pleased; your firm is one to recommend.

– Mr W, UK, 19th December 2019

Very well organised Public Auction.

– Mr P, UK, 18th December 2019

I did enjoy my first auction attendance. Thank you for a delightful couple of days… you all made me very welcome and I thank you for that.

– Mr G, UK, 16th December 2019

Many thanks for all the effort you have put in for the sale of our stamps. We watched it online. You certainly had to work hard for it… Great result.

– Mr & Mrs T, UK, 16th December 2019

Just to say I watched the auction on Saturday… great job… really enjoyed it… was really pleased with the lots that were sold. Just a big thanks… the total sale looked great also, so thanks again.

– Mr N, UK, 16th December 2019

The 1911 stamp arrived today in excellent condition. It will be a fine addition to my Collection. I would also like to thank you for a very quick delivery.

– Mr A, Norway, 12th December 2019

Thank you. You folks do a great job.

– Mr D, USA, 4th December 2019

Thank you for your great auction.

– Mr E, Canada, 4th December 2019

I received my latest lot and I want to tell Sandafayre how pleased I was. The stamps were SUPERB and will be a highlight to the India section of my Geo VI collection.

– Mr BM, USA, 26th November 2019

Thank you for your prompt attention and kindness. The service we have received from Sandafayre, both in dealing/selling my stamps and answering our queries has been beyond measure, excellent, and we thank you.

– Mr & Mrs WP, UK, 17th October 2019

I have to reiterate the fact that I was very impressed the way you operated.

– Mr D, UK, 10th October 2019

I don’t know where you get these collections from, they are excellent.

– Mr N, UK, 9th October 2019

You are efficient and very nice people. Thank you Sandafayre.

– Mr N, UK, 9th October 2019

What a prompt response, I thank you!

– Mr B, Australia, 7th October 2019

 If memory serves I’ve written you regarding this lot before when previously listed – and received, to my surprise, a personal email from your chairman. Thanks for your note, I do appreciate the time and attention it takes to respond.

– Mr R, USA, 30th September 2019

I was immediately impressed by your friendly, frank and honest approach. Personal touches always make a difference.

– Mrs O, UK, 25th September 2019

We have been very happy with your service; in terms of efficiency, honesty and of course success rate.

– Mrs O, UK, 25th September 2019

What an incredible result, we are delighted.

– Mrs O, UK, 25th September 2019

We could never have expected that they would have such an impressive value.

– Mrs O, UK, 25th September 2019

I think your auctions are excellent and something I’ve wanted to see happen for years.

– Mrs C, UK, 19th September 2019

My husband is pleased with the outcome of the auction and, having ‘tested the water’, wishes to sell more of his collection.

– Mrs W, UK, 14th September 2019

My stamps sold virtually for the estimate you gave me when we brought them to you for valuation and auction, so thank you very much for your expertise and honesty.

– Mr WP, UK, 14th September 2019