• GREAT BRITAIN PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1849 – 1909 cards and covers collection. An interesting collection of covers & picture postcards on neatly written up album pages that includes ETON with 2 x 1849 postal stationery covers, one with Eton embossed seal, both with Eton cancellations plus two monochrome “Tuck” picture postcards, HARROW 1849 cover to London & a “Valentine” series monochrome picture postcard, WINCHESTER 1872-1909 trio of postal stationery covers to Dundee with “Motto”, red or blue coloured printed tabs. (6 covers & 3 postcards = 9 items)


  • GREAT BRITAIN 1922 ST. DUNSTANS CHARITY LABEL COMPLETE SHEETS  inscribed “Their Sight For Us / Our Help For Them”, complete mint se-tenant sheets of 60 with five different designs printed in blue-green and in brown, issued to raise money for the blINDIAN Some faults, but attractive display items and scarce as complete sheets. (2 sheets, 120 labels)


  • GREAT BRITAIN 1974-84 FORCES REG envelopes, used & unused, all diff (7 items)


  • GREAT BRITAIN 1969 Anniversaries Presentation Pack – German Edition


  • GREAT BRITAIN 1965 £1 chocolate and light blue, chalk paper, SG 189a, NHM.


  • GREAT BRITAIN HERTFORD COLLEGE SELECTION. An 1879 imperf selection of the (½d) bright mauve. Includes a complete sheet of 35 stamps, a corner block of 6, a vertical pair & a single. All as Spec CS4, REPUBLICrinted, mostly never hinged mint and all without gum. (44 stamps)


  • GREAT BRITAIN TELEGRAPH 1853 English & Irish Magnetic 1s6d, NHM.




We sell Great Britain stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Great Britain stamps are one of the world’s most popular collecting fields, individually, and also collections. Appreciated and collected the world over, due to their historical background, in addition, to the story of their origin. Rowland Hill’s reform, introduced in 1839–1840 changed communications forever. The significant contribution is a uniform postage rate applying to all parts of the kingdom. Also, increments of cost being dependent on the weight of the item, rather than the distance travelled with payment being made by the sender. This led to the introduction of a brilliantly simple device, the world’s first postage stamp, the Penny Black issued 6th May 1840.

To this day Britain doesn’t put the name of the country on her stamps. A portrait of the current monarch is seen as enough, as the issuers of the first postage stamp, this is, therefore, an accepted international convention.

Popular Stamps

Collectors collect the entire period from 1840 onwards, with comprehensive and popular albums being the specially-printed ‘Windsor Series’. Philatelists also collect their favourite reigns, including Queen Victoria 1837–1901; King Edward VII 1901–1910; King George V 1910–1936 also King Edward VIII 1936. Similarly, King George VI from 1936–1952 or Queen Elizabeth II from 1952 to the present day. The most popular include the Queen Victoria Penny Reds, the Edward VII and George V definitive issues in their myriad shades, the superbly engraved ‘Seahorses’, the 1929 PUC £1 and even the long-running QEII Machin issues, in use for over 50 years.

Collectors subscribe to the Post Office’s new issues service, whilst continuing to obtain older stamps. There are areas of great specialization with outstanding books and catalogues to aid the philatelist collector. These contain the sum of years of diligent research by generations of philatelists.