• BAHAMAS 1902-07 set to 5s & 1906-11 set, SG 62/69 & 71/74, vfm, fresh (10)


  • BAHAMAS 1922 1½d brown POSTAL STATIONERY card opt’d “SPECIMEN”. Unused


  • BAHAMAS 1980 21c “Bootlegging”, SG 565, a spectacular block of four showing a massive downward shift of the orange, resulting in the name appearing at the foot, fine never hinged mint.


  • BAHAMAS 1938-41 1d carmine and 1d olive-grey, SG 150/150a, matching upper right corner sheet number block of four, each showing the upper right stamp with different state of broken “Y”, never hinged mint. (2 blocks)


  • BAHAMAS 1954-63 Pictorials complete set, SG 201/16, NHM, fresh (16)


  • BAHAMAS 1942 2s slate-purple & indigo “Columbus” opt, SG172, NHM BLOCK of 4


  • BAHAMAS 1965 1d light emerald & orange ITU Centenary with LIGHT EMERALD PRINTED DOUBLE (EC BM24MIa), SG 262 variety, never hinged mint, cat £250.


  • BAHAMAS 1911-19 5d black & mauve, MCA Wmk, opt “SPECIMEN”, SG 78s VFM


  • BAHAMAS 1882-98 1s green & 1s blue-green, SG 44/44a, fine mint (2 stamps)


  • BAHAMAS 1967-71 8c Development on white paper, SG 304a, right marginal example, never hinged mint.


  • BAHAMAS 1922 6d bistre-brown, malformed “E”, fine cds used, with Royal certificate.


  • BAHAMAS 1919 War Tax 3d black and brown, watermark reversed, SG 100x, never hinged mint.


  • BAHAMAS 1906-11 2½d ultramarine, watermark inverted, SG 73w, fine cds used. 


  • BAHAMAS 1861-62 4d dull rose Chalon, rough perf., SG 5, good colour and neat “AO5” cancel.


  • BAHAMAS 1921-29 3s Staircase, wmk Script CA, SG 114, fine mint


  • BAHAMAS 1954-63 definitives complete set, SG 201/16, NHM. (16)


  • BAHAMAS 1921-37 Wmk Mult Script CA definitive set with both 3d shades, SG 115/125 + 120a, fine used (12 stamps).


  • BAHAMAS 1902-07 Wmk Crown CA set complete with additional shades of 4d and 1s values, SG 62/70, fine cds used (9 stamps).


  • BAHAMAS 1918 1s grey-black and carmine, ‘War Tax’ optd, SG 95, VFM. Fresh


  • BAHAMAS 1884-90 Wmk Crown CA basic set of 6, (from SG 48/57), fine / very fine used (6 stamps).


  • BAHAMAS 1906-11 wmk Mult Crown CA set, SG 71/74, fine cds used (4).


  • BAHAMAS 1980 10c Ceremonial Mace, var “inverted wmk”, SG 560w, NHM.


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Bahamas Stamps – The use of postage stamps began in April 1858 using Great Britain stamps, which were cancelled “A05” at Nassau. The use of British stamps in the Bahamas was however brief, as in the following year the Bahamian post office became independent and issued its own 1d value from June 1859. These featured the “Chalon” portrait of Queen Victoria. This was along with symbols of the islands (pineapple and conch shells) and was only used locally. In 1861 4d and 6d values were introduced, with a 1s stamp appearing in 1865. In 1901, the Bahamas became one of the Empire’s first producers of a pictorial stamp, with a depiction of the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau.

Philatelic postscript:

Bahamas Stamps were first issued in 1859 and used the Chalon portrait of Queen Victoria.

Bahamas Stamps