• UNITED STATES 1923 1c & 2c and 1932 3c booklet panes of 6, NHM (3)


  • UNITED STATES 1869 15c blue and brown, type I with grill, Scott 118, SG 120, good used with light cancel.


  • UNITED STATES 1893 50c slate blue Columbus (Scott 240, SG 245), mint, centered to left, fresh colour, cat £600.


  • UNITED STATES 1807 EMBARGO ACT. 1809 (31 July) EL from St Vincent to London with “ST VINCENT” fleuron datestamp, contents incl. “we have had several Americans in lately, I hope we shall have no more embargoes…” referring the Embargo Act of 1807 enacted by the United States.


  • UNITED STATES 1867-68 24c grey-lilac with ‘F’ grill, SG 101, fine used. Cat £1600. 


  • UNITED STATES 1870-71 7c vermilion with I Grill about 8½x10mm, Scott 138A, good used, centred slightly to left but well clear of perfs, fresh colour.


  • UNITED STATES 1869 24c green and violet, SG 122 (Scott 120), fine used, great colour and full perfs.


  • UNITED STATES ORIGINAL ARTWORK – 1991 HAND PAINTED FIRST DAY COVER  Hummingbird and Hibiscus flower, hand painted envelope, bearing “F” flower stamp, Scott 2517. A beautiful Limited Edition, painted by Lyn Cloud, number 25 of 54 produced and signed by Artist on the cover back. Fine & attractive.


  • UNITED STATES SOUTH CAROLINA – STATE HUNTING PERMIT STAMPS 1981-1986 Duck stamps complete run, Scott 1/6, superb never hinged marginal examples, very fresh & attractive. (6 stamps)


We sell United States stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

United States Stamps – We love United States stamps and postal history. We sell collections and individual items. The world’s greatest economy is still a young country and its dynamic history is illustrated through its stamps. Today it’s difficult to image the country it used to be with rural Post Offices, handling just a handful of letters each year, the Civil War, the Pony Express, the expansion of the air postal services and beyond.

Famous United States Stamps

Boasting some of the world’s most famous stamps from the ‘Inverted Jenny’ and ‘Z-grill’ and some of the greatest collectors from Colonel ‘Ned’ Green and Bill Gross, we see the infinite attraction of US stamps. The first imperf issues with limits placed not just on weight, but on mileage too. The fascinating so-called ‘Banknote’ issues with different printers, inks, security features, postal markings and little regard for centring, additionally the 1869 bicolours which fell foul of public opinion perhaps manipulated by the printers regretting the expensive process.

United States Stamps