• SAMOA 1899-1900 PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT overprinted set to 5d, SG 90/94a, BLOCKS of 9 (3 x 3 ), never hinged mint (5 blocks = 45 stamps)


  • SAMOA 1932 2s.6d to £1 Arms, SG 171/174, fine mint. (4 stamps)


  • SAMOA 1899 2½d in black on 1s. dull rose-carmine on toned paper, SG 86, an upper left corner block of nine, being the complete setting, never hinged mint.


  • SAMOA 1914 – 24 £1 rose carmine, perf 14½x14, SG 132, very fine never hinged mint.


  • SAMOA 1919 registered and censored envelope to England bearing KGV ½d & 3d tied by Apia cds; endorsed “25348 On Active Service”.


  • SAMOA 1945-53 £5 indigo-blue Postal Fiscal overprint WATERMARK INVERTED variety, SG 214w, fine mint corner example, fresh & scarce.


  • SAMOA 1935-42 10s pale carmine-lake Wiggins Teape paper opt, SG 194b,fm


  • SAMOA 1935 1d lake Silver Jubilee opt perf 14×14½, SG 177a, fine mint


  • SAMOA 1925-28 £1 rose-pink Postal Fiscal Cowan p. opt,SG 166d,vfm,fresh


  • SAMOA 1914-24 £1 rose-carmine Postal Fiscal P14x14½ opt,SG132,vfm,fresh


  • SAMOA 1914-25 £2 violet Postal Fiscal overprint, Scott 126, fine mint upper marginal example, fresh & rare. Formerly listed also in the SG catalogue but now it is doubtful this value was used for postal purposes.


  • SAMOA 1935 definitive 1d black and carmine, SG 181, fine mint corner marginal strip of four, the corner stamp (never hinged, slightly rounded upper right corner) with large chunk of frame (including “1d” value) missing. A dramatic error!


  • SAMOA 1935-1965 comprehensive all different vfu collection (54)


  • SAMOA 1914 LETTER CARD 1d dull claret on blue, inscription 94mm, H&G 1a, unused, broken second “T” in “LETTER CARD,” light hinging on reverse, otherwise clean & fine.


  • SAMOA 1922 small, plain cover to England, sent 3½d rate, franked 1d in a strip of 3 & KGV ½d , SG 116, 134, Apia 14.11.22 postmarks, closed tear on reverse of cover.


  • SAMOA 1935 PICTORIAL DEFINITIVE ESSAY 2½d value (as SG 183) essay die proof of the central vignette “Chief and Wife”, slightly smaller than issued, by the Czech engraver Bohumil Heinz, in black on glazed wove paper. Scarce!


  • SAMOA 1935 PICTORIAL DEFINITIVE ESSAY Collins essay for the 4d value in dark green on thick white paper, the “Samoan Canoe and House” design (but not the inscriptions) similar to the issued stamp (SG 184).


  • SAMOA 1899 2½d in black on 1s dull rose-carmine on toned paper, surcharge double, SG 86a, mint with large part gum, shorter perfs at top.


  • SAMOA 1892 2½d Malietoa, a fine Cousins die proof in pink on thin wove paper with large surrounds.


  • SAMOA 1914 “G.R.I.” 6d on 50pf black and purple/buff, SG 108, fine mint


  • SAMOA 1919 Cover to USA, 1d & 1½d tied APIA cds with censor “3” cachet.


  • SAMOA 2002 IMPERF PROOFS United Nations Year of Eco Tourism set as SG 1080/83, IMPERF PROOFS from the B.D.T. Archive on unwatermarked, gummed paper, never hinged mint. Rare (4 proofs)


  • SAMOA 1926-37 both 3s mauve papers, SG 168 & 170, vf mint. (2)


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