• SUDAN 1927-41 3p Camel ord pap,SG 44ba,vfm(stamps NHM) PLATE BLOCK of 4


  • SUDAN OFFICIALS 1951-62 “S.G.” opts complete set,SG O67/83,fine used,18


  • SUDAN OFFICIALS 1948 “S.G.” opts complete set,SG O43/58, fine used (16)


  • SUDAN 1948 20p pale blue & deep blue P13 chalky paper,SG 110a,NHM,fresh


  • SUDAN 1897-1948 MINT COLLECTION on stock pages, all different, includes 1898 set to 5p (ex 1p), 1902-21 vals to 5p, 1921-23 set (ex 2m), 1927-41 set, 1935 Gordon set to 10p, 1941 Tuti Is vals to 5p etc. Fresh, cat £420+ (64 stamps)


  • SUDAN 1927-41 4m green & chocolate WMK INVERTED variety, SG 40aw, NHM


  • SUDAN 1902-21 Camel Rider complete set, SG 18/28, fine mint, fresh (11)


  • SUDAN 1903-12 2p black & blue “O.S.G.S.” opt, SG O9, vfm, fresh


  • SUDAN OFFICIAL 1936-46 6p “SG” opt,SG O40b,NHM cnr PLATE ‘4’ BLOCK of 4


  • SUDAN 1931-37 15m red-brown & sepia Air perf 14 WATERMARK SIDEWAYS INVERTED variety, SG 52aw, never hinged mint, a few shortish perfs, very fresh & scarce.


  • SUDAN POSTAGE DUES 1948 complete set, SG D12/15, vf cds used, fresh (4)


  • SUDAN 1927-41 4m green & chocolate Camel Rider ordinary paper WATERMARK INVERTED variety, SG 40aw, very fine cds used BLOCK of 4, fresh & scarce. (4 stamps)


  • SUDAN OFFICIALS 1951-62 3p brown & deep blue Canoe “S.G.” overprint SG O75a, never hinged mint lower left corner PLATE NUMBER BLOCK of 9, very fresh. (9 stamps)


  • SUDAN 1951-61 Pictorial definitive set, SG 123/39, never hinged mint (17 stamps)


  • SUDAN 1898 camel rider set complete, SG 10/17, fine used (8 stamps).


  • SUDAN 1935 50th Death Anniversary of General Gordon set, SG 59/67, very fine mint (9 stamps).


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