St Kitts and Nevis STAMPS FOR SALE

  • ST KITTS-NEVIS OFFICIAL 1980 12c opt WMK TO LEFT, SG O1w, NHM corner BLOCK of 6


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1903 set, SG 1/10, used, the 1s to 5s with A12 cancels. (10 stamps)


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1867-1981 HIGH-POWERED COLLECTION IN AN ALBUM comprising mint, never hinged mint and used stamps, plus an impressive array of picture post cards. Stamp highlights include St Christopher QV range to 6d mint and 1s used, plus good surcharges; Nevis 1867-76 1d mint plus 4d & 1s used, QV range to 1s mint and 6d used; St Kitts-Nevis 1903-18 (one of each value & colour) to 5s mint; 1920-29 (one of each value & colour) to £1 mint, plus range to 5s used; 1935 to 1965 complete basic run; plus some later issues. Also Postcards including nice earlier range, plus a few covers. A lovely collection! (approx 300 stamps plus 18 cards & 4 covers)


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1923 Tercentenary of Colony set to 5s, SG 48/57 & 59, fine/ very fine used. (11 stamps)


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1980-83 OVERPRINT VARIETIES COLLECTION presented on a stock card that includes a 1980 55c ship with inverted opt (SG 45a), $2 ship with double opt (SG 47a), 1982 Royal Baby inv opt (SG 98a), 1983 5c Bird x3 different opt’s, 15c double opt, 25c inv opt & 55c inv opt. A delightful, never hinged mint group (9 stamps)


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1981 SHEETLET VARIETY Royal Wedding 55c sheetlet, variety “INVERTED WATERMARK”, SG 75bw, never hinged mint (1 sheetlet)


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS OFFICIAL 1980 12c opt WMK TO LEFT,SG O1w,NHM marg plate BLOCK of6


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS OFFICIALS 1980 12c opt WMK TO LEFT,SG O1w,NHM marginal BLOCK of 6


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS OFFICIAL 1980 45c opt WMK TO LEFT,SG O4w,NHM marg plate BLOCK of4


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS OFFICIALS 1980 45c opt WMK TO LEFT variety,SG O4w, NHM BLOCK of 4


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1973 Christmas set, SG 262/4, NHM, SIGNED in margins by designer.


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1920-22 5s green and red on pale yellow, SG 34, fine used


  • ST KITTS-NEVIS 1978 $10 Pineapple definitive, wmk Crown to Left, SG 406w, NHM.


We sell St Kitts and Nevis stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

St Kitts and Nevis Stamps – British stamps were used in St Christopher and Nevis from 1858, cancelled ‘A12’ and ‘A09’ respectively, until 1860 when the islands assumed control of their post offices. Therefore, separate issues were produced for each island, the Nevis stamps featuring an illustration of a medicinal spring, until they combined as St Kitts and Nevis stamps in 1903, when the first set of 10 stamps was issued. They were used concurrently with those of the Leeward Islands until 1956 when the latter were then withdrawn.

St Kitts and Nevis Stamps