Southern Nigeria STAMPS FOR SALE

  • SOUTHERN NIGERIA 1907-11 KEVII definitives complete set, wmk Mult Crown CA, SG 33/44, very fine lightly hinged mint. Lovely! (12 stamps)


  • SOUTHERN NIGERIA 1903-04 (Crown CA) KEVII 1s green and black. SG 16, VFM.


We sell Southern Nigeria stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Southern Nigeria Stamps – The first Southern Nigeria Stamps were put on sale around March 1900. The unique design including the Heinrich von Angeli head of Queen Victoria, was considerably delayed in printing, partially due to a change of printers from Waterlow to De La Rue. Happily, this has given stamp collectors more proofs, essays and artwork than is normally be the case. The same frame design was used for all the King Edward VII sets, albeit with a new portrait and the De L Rue Universal Key Plate design only being used in 1912 for Southern Nigeria’s last set. There are no significant rarities in Southern Nigeria’s basic stamps, however the complete stamp booklets, especially the 1914 2s 1d are all very rare. The postal history and postmarks are highly sought after, including the early use of the Niger Coast Protectorate until the first stamps eventually arrived, and the using-up of excess Lagos stamps.

Southern Nigeria Stamps