MOROCCO AGENCIES GIBRALTAR ISSUES OVERPRINTED 1898-1906 very fine mint (some stamps never hinged) all different collection. Comprises 1898-1900 most values to 2p, 1899 set to 1p, 1903-05 (Crown CA) set less 1p, 1905-06 (Mult Crown CA) values to 1p & 2p. Fresh and attractive. (24 stamps)


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Morocco Agencies Gibraltar Issues Overprinted 1898-1906 Very Fine Mint (Some Stamps Never Hinged) All Different Collection. Comprises 1898-1900 Most Values to 2p, 1899 Set to 1p, 1903-05 (Crown Ca) Set Less 1p, 1905-06 (Mult Crown Ca) Values to 1p & 2p. Fresh and Attractive. (24 Stamps)

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