• NYASALAND POSTAGE DUE 1950 4d purple, SG D4, never hinged mint corner block of 4, vertical crease affects two stamps.


  • NYASALAND 1938-44 5s green & red/pale yellow, Ordinary paper, SG 141a, fine used.


  • NYASALAND 1953-1964 COMPLETE FINE USED COLLECTION presented on album pages, SG 171/210. Lovely! (45 stamps)


  • NYASALAND POSTAGE DUE 1950 4d purple, SG D4, VFU.


  • NYASALAND 1921-33 2s6d grey-black and scarlet-vermilion / pale blue with BREAK IN SCROLL, SG 110ja, very fine mint. Lovely.


  • NYASALAND 1913-21. £1 purple & black/red, SG 98, used-light Fiscal cancel.


  • BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA 1891-95 B.C.A. the set with listed shades to 1s plus 2s6d, 3s used, a fiscally cancelled £2 & 1892 3s on 4s used. (14 stamps)


  • NYASALAND 1913-21 set, SG 83/98), plus some listed shades, fine mint. (18 stamps)


  • NYASALAND 1921-33 2s purple & blue/pale blue, NICK IN TOP RIGHT SCROLL, SG 109c, fine mint.


  • NYASALAND 1938-44 5s green and red/ pale yellow, SG 141a, NHM.


  • NYASALAND 1945 10s claret and emerald, SG 156, never hinged mint


  • NYASALAND 1913-21 2s6d black & red on blue ‘BULLET-HOLES’ FLAW, SG 94h, fine mint lower marginal example, centred to right very fresh & scarce.


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Nyasaland Stamps – Most stamp collections of Nyasaland begin with the stamps of British Central Africa whose name changed to ‘Nyasaland Protectorate’ in 1907. Nyasaland’s first stamps were the 1d to £10 values of Rhodesia issued on 20 July 1891 overprinted “B.C.A.”.The rarest basic stamp of Nyasaland is probably the 1896 £25 black and green in mint condition. Forgeries exist of some of the high values from this period, others may have had their “Specimen” overprint removed, so expensive items must always be purchased from a trustworthy source.

The Large Key Plate 2 shilling to £10 values of the King George V reign are particularly interesting to collectors and a wide range of constant plate flaws such as “Bullet holes” flaw, or the “Damaged Crown” flaw can be found, many are rarities. Beautiful pictorial sets continued until and beyond the country being renamed Malawi in 1964.

Nyasaland Stamps