• NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1908 ½d green & grey-green wmk CA, SG 4, vfm, cat £60


  • NEW HEBRIDES BRITISH 1922 registered cover from Vila to Melbourne franked 2d on 40c (top pane strip of 3) plus late usage 1908 Ed VII 6d with on reverse 5c green French issue (x5) . Some damage to rear flap otherwise very fine.


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1953 POSTAGE DUE (Sept) cover from Malta to Port Vila, bearing 10c and 1f SG D12 & 15 tied Vila cds, circular “T” and rate at top, scarce and attractive.


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1941 France Libre overprinted 5c to 15c, SG F65/67, on an envelope cancelled Port Vila June 1949 to England.


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1925 Postage Due 20c and 1f, SG FD54 & 57, very fine mint. (2 stamps)


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1911 complete set, SG 18/28, fine mint. (9 stamps)


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1938 5f red on yellow, SG F63, very fine cds used, fresh.


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1907-1911 Interesting collection presented on album pages that includes a trio of 1907 Essays, 5c, 10c & 25c of New Caledonia opt’d “NELLES HEBRIDES”, 1908 opt’d set mint (SG F1/5) plus a block of 4 x 10c mint, , set used plus additional 5c & 10c pairs, a 1908 picture post card to South Africa bearing 10c carmine, 1910 “Condominium” opt’d sets mint & used (SG F6/F10) and a further used set on a cover front with First Day cancellations. Interesting collection (30+ stamps & 2 covers/cards)


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1911 “Weapons & Idols” collection on album pages that includes a complete set mint (SG 18/28), NHM pane tops or bottoms of 6 stamps with selvedge to three sides of ½d green, 1d red, 2d grey & 2½d blue, a used set split over two, 1918 Registered covers to Chester. (30+ stamps & 2 covers)


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1930 (Sept 13th) cover from Villa to Paris bearing an imprint corner pair of 5Fr (4s) carmine/green cancelled with blue cds, a Villa Reg Tab and to reverse a Paris receiving cds (25/10/30), addressed in French bearing French inscribed stamps cancelled in English. Lovely!


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH ISSUES 1938 complete set, SG 52/63, superb mint, many are never hinged, very fresh. (12 stamps)


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH ISSUES 1938-1979 FINE MINT & NHM COLLECTION on stock pages, all different, some later issues are never hinged. Includes 1938 set to 2f, 1953 set (top values NHM), 1957 set, 1963-72 set, 1972-75 set (10f NHM), 1977 surchs set NHM, 1977-78 local surchs most vals to 200f on 5f & 500f on 10f NHM, Postage Dues 1938 5c, 1953 set etc. Fresh, stc £300. (approx 240 stamps & 3 M/S’s)


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1938 10f violet on blue, SG F64, fine cds used, fresh


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1920-21 2d on 40c red on yellow surcharge,SG 35,fine mint


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1938 Postage Due set, SG D6/10, VFM. (5)


  • NEW HEBRIDES BRITISH 1923 Picture Postcard bearing 1920-21 1d on 5d olive “Arms”, SG 30, tied by crisp Vila New Hebrides cds. Very nice item!


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1977-78 50f & 100f unissued local surcharges, NHM (2)


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH 1925 complete set, SG 43/51, fine cds sued, fresh (9)


  • NEW HEBRIDES FRENCH 1941 5c,10c&15c opt,SG F65/7,mint corner IMPRINT BLKS of 6


  • NEW HEBRIDES ENGLISH Postage Due 1938 1f red/green top value, SG D10, VFU.


  • NEW HEBRIDES INSCRIBED IN ENGLISH 1920 surcharge set to 2d on 40c red on yellow, SG 30/34, good used, minor imperfections. (5 stamps)


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