• MALI SPACE 1970 Air IMPERF PAIRS set, Yvert 93/96 ND, NHM (8)


  • MALI 1972 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC complete set (Yvert 185/96, SG 345/56) in IMPERF STRIPS (two se-tenant pairs per strip) superb never hinged mint. (6 strips = 24 imperfs)


  • MALI  1986 Cats EPREUVES DELUXE set, as SG 1085/7 fine (3)


  • MALI 1986 Endangered Animals EPREUVES DELUXE, as SG 1105/8 fine (4)


  • MALI 1983 400f Niepce, IMPERF gutter pair+Epreuve de Luxe, Yv 478, NHM


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