• MALAYA STATES PAHANG 1953-71 all diff mint colln with additional perfs. (25+)


  • MALAYA STATES NEGRI SEMBILAN 1935 – 41 comp set, SG 67/87, fm some toning (21).


  • MALAYA STATES PENANG. 1949-52 definitive set, SG 3/22, used (20 stamps)


  • MALAYA STATES KEDAH 1957-1959, complete set, SG 92/113, fine used (26).


  • MALAYA STATES KEDAH 1950 -1955 complete set, SG 76/90, fine used (21).


  • MALAYA STATES TRENGGANU 1910-18 SULTAN MINT SELECTION presented on a stock card with 1910-19 set with some shades to $1, 1917-19 Red Cross set with some positional setting variants. An attractive collection (25+ stamps)


  • MALAYA STATES JOHORE 1884-86 2c pale rose “JOHORE” overprint, SG 8, fine mint, fresh.


  • MALAYA STATES SELANGOR 1900. 3c on 50c “Dented Frame” variety, SG 67b, fine mint


  • MALAYA STATES PERAK 1900 3c on $1 green and pale green, SG 86, very fine used with strong colours..


  • MALAYA STATES PENANG 1948-1957 COMPLETE SUPERB MINT COLLECTION on pages, all different, includes 1948 Wedding set, 1949-52, 1954-57 & 1957 sets etc. Very fresh. (55 stamps)


  • MALAYA STATES MALACCA 1954-57 complete set, SG 23/38, NHM, fresh (16)


  • MALAYA STATES PAHANG 1898 50c dull purple and greenish black Tiger, overprinted, SG 21, fine mint.


  • MALAYA STATES FMS 1922-34 2c brown, 4c carmine-red & 6c orange wmk Mult Script, each as a block 16 (8×2) from the two upper or lower rows of the sheet or pane – the 4c & 6c with plate number, also the 2c brown strip 10 being the complete upper row of a sheet & strip 5 without selvage, all never hinged mint. SG 54, 59, 63, cat £549 as hinged singles (3 items, 48 stamps)


  • MALAYA STATES SELANGOR 1891 2c on 24c green surch Type 38,SG 47,mint part gum


  • MALAYA STATES KEDAH 1922-1940 complete set + shade, SG 52/59, fine used (9)


  • MALAYA STATES F.M.S. 1900 $1 green and pale green Elephants overprinted, SG 11, fine mint.


  • MALAYA STATES SUNGEI UJONG 1881 2c brown, types 12+14 overprints, SG 11, mint with large paret gum.


  • MALAYA STATES NEGRI SEMBILAN 1895-99 25c green and carmine Tiger, SG 13, very fine mint.


  • MALAYA STATES JOHORE 1949-55 Sultan complete set,SG 133/47,fine mint,fresh (21)


  • MALAYA STATES PENANG 1949-52 KGVI set, SG 3/22, fine used. (20)


  • MALAYA STATES PAHANG 1898 10c dull purple & orange opt on Perak, SG 19, vf used


  • MALAYA STATES FMS 8c ultramarine WMK CROWN TO RIGHT, SG 42aw, fine used


  • MALAYA STATES TRENGGANU 1937 Postage Due 10c brown, SG D4, block of four with neat central 1941 cds, a scarce and attractive multiple.


  • MALAYA STATES PENANG 1948 Silver Wedding set, SG 1/2, fine used. (2)


  • MALAYA STATES SUNGEI UJONG 1881 2c brown wmk CC overprint types 9+13, SG 8, fine mint, very fresh & attractive.


  • MALAYA STATES KELANTAN 1937-40 10c purple Sultan Ismail, SG 46, NHM, fresh


  • MALAYA STATES JOHORE 1949-55 definitives complete set, SG 133/47, VF NHM. (21)


  • MALAYA STATES SABAH 1964-5 $10 carmine & blue overprint, SG 423, v fine used.


  • MALAYA BMA 1945-48 2c orange Die I “BMA” ovpt, SG 3, NHM corner BLOCK of 4


We sell Malaya States stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Malaya States Stamps – A beautiful area of stamp collecting, Malaya States Stamps were printed by De La Rue of London and the engravings, design and production quality is very high. Many of the 19th Century issues are the stamps of the Straits Settlements overprinted with the State name, this is true for Johore, Sungei Ujong, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak and Selangor and the wide range of different types, often caused by a lack of local typeface, has fascinated stamp collectors for generations.

Unusually collectors of Kedah can choose to hunt down stamps of early Thailand postmarked within Kedah as the Thai postal system slowly extended itself outside of its borders.One of the many glories of these stamps are the designs unique to this area of British Empire philately with the exotic local rulers, the large Elephant high values, Ploughing Oxen, the Leaping and Roaring Tigers, and the magnificent Trengannu high values plus so many more.

The Japanese Occupation saw stamps from Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Trengganu and the Straits Settlements overprinted using a wide range of styles from the personalised chops of Government accountants to large types which covered 4 stamps at once.

One of the Commowealth’s most popular stamp collecting areas we are delighted to always offer an exceptional range of lots for Malaya States Stamps.

Malaya States Stamps