• IRELAND 1935 Seahorses re-engraved complete set, SG 99/101, very fine mint (3 stamps, the 2s6d & 5s values signed ‘Bowen’)


  • IRELAND 1922-23 Seahorse top value set with blue-black overprints, SG 64/66, very fine used, the 10s with H. Bowen BPP handstamp, the 2s6d with slightly toned paper (3 stamps)


  • IRELAND 1937 ST PATRICK high values set, SG 102-104, very fine mint. (3)


  • IRELAND 1922 10s dull grey-blue with OVERPRINT AT LEFT, Hibernian T14e, very fine lightly hinged mint.


  • IRELAND 1935 10s indigo re-engraved with FLAT-TAILED ‘9’, Hibernian T77b, never hinged mint. Signed Bowen. Rare.


  • IRELAND 1925-29 5s rose-carmine with INNER FRAME NOTCH frame variety, Hibernian T67b, very fine lightly hinged mint.


  • IRELAND 1922-23 2s6d pale brown with WEAK ACCENT IMPROVED on Thom overprint (position 10/4), Hibernian T59la, very fine lightly hinged mint,


  • IRELAND 1922 10s dull grey-blue with bold, shiny blue-black Thom overprint, SG 46 (Hib T41), very fine lightly hinged mint.


  • IRELAND 1922 5s rose-carmine on ribbed paper (pseudo-laid) with Dollard OVERPRINT AT BOTTOM, Hibernian T13bd, very fine lightly hinged mint with hint of a light vertical bend. Rare, cat €800+


  • IRELAND 1922 10s dull grey-blue Dollard overprint with ‘Strokes over “TEN”, Hibernian T14c, very fine mint.


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Ireland Stamps – Until 1922, Ireland used British stamps and postal stationery. Therefore, the first stamp used was the 1840 Penny Black. Numerical cancellations of a design specific to Ireland were introduced in 1844, but otherwise, the postal markings followed the normal pattern of the British provincial Post Offices. The difficulty of controlling Ireland continued unabated during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The demand for Home Rule increased during this period leading to open revolution in 1916. Nevertheless, the postal service was maintained and British stamps continued to be used, normal British postmark types used and British pillar boxes erected in Irish towns.

First Ireland Stamp

A national parliament was established at the end of 1918 and affirmed independent status in January 1919. No adhesives were issued during this period, though some propaganda labels were produced. The Irish Free State was formed following elections in 1921. In 1925 the boundary between Ireland and Ulster (Northern Ireland) was settled. A supply of British stamps printed by Harrisons (low values) or Bradbury Wilkinson (2s6d, 5s and 10s) were overprinted in Ireland by Dollard Limited or Alex Thom & Co. A small number were also overprinted in England by Harrisons. The first overprinted stamp issue began to appear on 6th December 1922. A definitive series depicting the “Sword of Light”, a map of Ireland, the Arms of Ireland and also a Celtic Cross. The first Ireland stamp Commemorative issue was the 1929 Catholic Emancipation set featuring Daniel O’Connell.

Ireland Stamps