German Colonies STAMPS FOR SALE

  • GERMAN COLONIES SOUTH WEST AFRICA 1913 2mk booklet ‘C’, Michel 3IA (SACC booklet 4), very fine.


  • GERMAN COLONIES PO IN TURKEY 1905 20Pa on 10pf, Michel 25, NHM block of four.


  • GERMAN COLONIES GERMAN EAST AFRICA 1893 (May) commercial envelope to Berlin, bearing Forerunner 20pf ultramarine, Mi. VO48d, tied Daressalem cds, arrival mark on reverse. Fining creases


  • GERMAN COLONIES GSWA 1911 5pf postcard to Luderitzbuch, “GIBEON” cds, punch holes


  • GERMAN COLONIES SOUTH WEST AFRICA 1914 (6 Jul) Official Government printed Meteorological REPUBLICort for May 1914, addressed to Windhuk, and showing a superb “FAHLGRAS Bz. WINDHUK” cds postmark, Friedemann number 28, with Windhuk arrival on the flap. In very fine condition, and a rare cancel.


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German Colonies Stamps – German Colonies stamps are a fascinating and collectable piece of history that chronicles the expansion of the German Empire. These stamps were used in various colonies and territories under German control, including Togo, Cameroon, and East Africa, and feature intricate designs and symbols that reflect the culture and traditions of each region.

For stamp collectors, German Colonies stamps are a must-have addition to their collection. The stamps are rare and highly sought after due to their historical significance and unique design elements. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting out, acquiring German Colonies stamps can be a valuable investment that is sure to increase in value over time.

In conclusion, German Colonies stamps are an important part of history and an exciting addition to any stamp collection. With their rich history and intricate design elements, they offer collectors an opportunity to own a piece of history that is both beautiful and valuable. Whether you are a collector, historian, or simply fascinated by the German Empire, German Colony stamps are a fascinating and unique piece of history that is sure to be cherished for generations to come.

German Colonies Stamps