• BRUNEI 1964-74 COMPREHENSIVE MINT COLLECTION A highly complete, ALL DIFFERENT collection presented on “Minkus” pages with shades & paper coating types that includes the 1964-72 glazed paper set, plus some shades & ordinary papers, 1972-74 wmk sideways set, 1974 & 1975-8 Sultan sets, most commemorative issues for the period. Lovely fresh condition (150 stamps).


  • BRUNEI 1907-10 Huts set, SG 23/33, very fine mint. (11 stamps)


  • BRUNEI 1947 5c orange Borneo River, wmk Script, variety “5c retouch”, SG 82a, fine and fresh mint.


  • BRUNEI 1922 25c deep dull purple Malaya-Borneo Exhibition with Broken “N” variety, SG 57c, fine used, small part cds cancels leaving the variety clear.


  • BRUNEI 1908-22 50c & $1, SG 45a, 46, fine cds used. (2 stamps)


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Philatelic postscript:

Thought of as forgeries for many years, the 1895 ‘Star & Crescent’ issues are now accepted as Brunei’s first stamps.

Brunei Stamps