British Virgin Islands STAMPS FOR SALE

  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1938-47 CHALK PAPERS KGVI definitive complete set, SG 110/21, very lightly hinged mint with vibrant colours. (12 stamps)


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1935 Jubilee set, SG 103/106, Road Town cds’s. (4 stamps)


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1883-84 ½d green to 2½d, SG 27, 29, 31, vf “A91” used. (3 stamps)


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1938-47 definitive set, SG 110a/121, fine cds used (12 stamps)


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1867-70 1s black and rose carmine (toned paper), SG 14b, good used.


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1938-47 set to 1s in Blocks of 4, SG 110/17, vfm & nhm(32 stamps)


  • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 1904 KEVII complete set with “SPECIMEN” overprints, SG 54s/62s, fine mint, fresh colours. (9 stamps)


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British Virgin Islands Stamps – British Virgin Islands stamps are a valuable and unique collectable item for stamp enthusiasts and history buffs. Issued in 1966, these stamps showcase the history, culture, and natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands, a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean. With a wide range of designs, including themes such as marine life, local flora and fauna, and historic events, the British Virgin Islands stamps are highly sought after for their aesthetic appeal and historical significance. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, these stamps are a must-have for any stamp collection. So why not add a touch of Caribbean history to your collection today and discover the beauty of British Virgin Islands stamps for yourself?

Philatelic postscript:

For British Virgin Islands stamps initially GB stamps were used. The first local issues began in 1866 and featured an image of St. Ursula, after whom Christopher Colombus had originally named the islands.

British Virgin Islands Stamps