British Honduras STAMPS FOR SALE

  • BRITISH HONDURAS KEVII SPECIMEN SETS 1902-04 CA Wmk set of 4 mint or unused & without gum, SG 80s/83s & 1908-11 MCA Wmk set of 3 mint, SG 96s/100s, An attractive group. (7 stamps)


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1937 SPECIMEN KGVI Coronation set, perfin “SPECIMEN”, SG 147s/149s, never hinged mint (3 stamps)


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1904-07 SPECIMEN KEVII definitives, MCA Wmk, opt’d “SPECIMEN” set, SG 87s/93s, mint with an occasional short perf (6 stamps)


  • HONDURAS 1964 Air Kennedy miniature sheet, see note after Scott C330, NHM


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1932 SPECIMEN Belize Relief Fund opt’d set, perfin “SPECIMEN”, SG 138s/142s, mint with a few nibbled perfs (5 stamps)


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1922-33 $2 yellow green & bright purple, MSCA Wmk, SG 137, fine used


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1913-21 $2 purple & green, MCA Wmk, SG 109, fine cds used.


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1888 LOCAL SURCHARGE 2c on 6d rose, CC WMK, perf 12½, SG 23, fine used


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1899 VARIETY 5c ultramarine, variety opt’d “BEVENUE”, SG 66a, fine used


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1902-1936 MINT / NEVER HINGED MINT COLLECTION includes the 1902 Wmk CA set, 1908-11 Wmk MCCA set, 1913-21 range of 7 values to $1, $2 & $5 overprinted “Specimen”, 1915-16 violet overlay set + set in blocks 4, also “Specimen” opt’d set never hinged mint (1c short perf), 1916-22 War Tax & Peace issues complete, 1932 “Belize Relief Fund” opt’d set, 1935 Jubilee set & 1923 Postage Due set, also includes several nice blocks / plate blocks. A very fine & fresh collection (51 items)


  • BRITISH HONDURAS 1938-47 Pictorials set incl both 2c,SG 150/61+151a,vf cds used,13


  • HONDURAS 2002 10.65 ‘PANI’ IMPERF & BLACK INVERTED, Scott C1136 var, NHM


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British Honduras Stamps – We sell British Honduras stamps, collections, complete stamp sets, errors and varieties. In addition proofs, essays, postal history and covers including first-day covers for this area. Philatelists should regularly visit this page as our auction lots constantly change, so whether you are searching for rare or classic British Honduras stamps, postmarks and cancellations, specialised collections, estate boxes or anything related to stamp collecting and filling your stamp albums – just keep your eye on us!

British Honduras Stamps