• BOTSWANA 1974 Minerals complete set, SG 322/35, NHM (14)


  • BOTSWANA 1976-7 3t on 3c, 7t on 7c, 50t on 50c surcharges at bottom right & 1p on1r surch. at bottom left, SG 369a, 372a, 378/9a, fine used (4 stamps).


  • BOTSWANA 1976-7 1p on 1r citrine, surcharge at bottom left, SG 379a NHM


  • BOTSWANA 1976-77 RARE GUTTER BLOCK 7t on 7c Agate, Gemstones issue, with surcharge at bottom right, SG 372a, a spectacular never hinged mint right marginal GUTTER BLOCK OF TEN with “11111” and traffic light colour control symbols in the gutter. A very striking control block of a scarce issue. (block of 10 stamps)


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Philatelic postscript:

Botswana stamps have been issued since gaining independence in 1966.

Botswana Stamps