• SEYCHELLES 1903 Wmk Crown CA complete set, SG 46/56, very fine mint (11 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1896 – 1902 group of mint stamps overprinted “Specimen”, includes 1896 surcharged set of two SG 26s (nipped perf at base) & SG 27s (fine mint) and 1902 surcharged set of five SG 41s/45s (all fine mint). Except for the small fault a wonderful sound lot. (7 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1893 complete surcharges set, SG 15/21, fine mint. (7 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES MAURITIUS USED IN SEYCHELLES fine used selection with “B64” cancels, comprising 1860-63 9d dull purple (SG Z10), 1878 13c on 3d orange-red (SG Z40), and 1883-90 4c carmine (SG Z58). Nice group! (3 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1903-06 MINT SELECTION presented on a stock card & includes a 12c control single & values to 2r25. Generally good to fine condition (20+ stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1937-52 a fine mint collection, with 1938-49 set plus a few shades, all Omnibus, 1952 set and Postage Due set. (64 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1912-35 fine mint collection, with 1912-16 set plus 6c aniline-carmine, 1917-22 set plus 1r.50 die II etc, 1921-32 set plus 1r die I etc, and 1935 Silver Jubilee set. (63 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1903-06 complete, SG 46/70, fine mint. (25 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1890-1902 a lovely fine mint collection, with 1890-92 complete for both dies, 1893 surcharges set, 1893 set plus a dramatically different 3c shade, 1896 18c an 36c on 45c, 1897-1900 set, 1901 surcharges set, 1902 surcharges (less 30c on 75c), lovely quality. (45 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1902 30c on 75c yellow and violet, REPUBLICaired “S”, SG 42b, fine mint.


  • SEYCHELLES REVENUE STAMPS QV and KEVII small but powerful accumulation. Note 1894-1900 surcharges (a couple reading downwards); 1894 (Mauritius overprinted) values including 5R x 4;  KEVII 4c on 30c, 4c (5) and 50c. (27 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES REVENUE STAMPS QV/KEVII mainly used all different collection, With Bill 1896 set to 25c; Revenue 1894-1900 surcharges (reading upwards) set, plus a couple of values reading downwards; 1894 (Mauritius overprinted) most values to 5R; 1904 4c on 30c; 1906 4c, 50c and 5R. Good to fine condition. (21 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1906 6c carmine SLOTTED FRAME variety, SG 62 var, fine mint,fresh


  • SEYCHELLES 1906 2r25c purple and green wmk Mult Crown CA, SG 70, very fine mint.


  • SEYCHELLES 1903 surcharged locally complete set, SG 57/59, very fine used (3 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1902 (June) surcharged locally complete set, SG 41/45, very fine used (5 stamps)


  • SEYCHELLES 1938-49 6d green chalky paper MOON FLAW, MP CW17d,fine mint,fresh


  • SEYCHELLES 1912-16 2c chestnut & green SPLIT ‘A’ variety, SG 71a, fine mint


  • SEYCHELLES 1912-16 2r25c deep magenta & green, MCA Wmk, SG 81, very fine mint


  • SEYCHELLES 1952 15c deep yellow green, Fishing Pirogue, bottom marginal block of 4, one showing the variety “Error St St Edward’s Crown” in wmk, SG 161b, superb never hinged mint.


  • SEYCHELLES 1938 KGVI 3c green and 6c orange, SG 136 & 137, NHM pairs (2 prs)


  • SEYCHELLES 1969 local covers with “10 CENTS / POSTAGE / PREPUBLICAID” cachets (2)


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