• NEW GUINEA 1932-34 Air set, SG 190/203, fine mint. (16 stamps)


  • NEW GUINEA 1931 Air overprints set, SG 163/176, fine mint. (14 stamps)


  • NEW GUINEA OFFICIALS 1932-34 (redrawn without dates) set complete overprinted “O  S”, less the 1½d claret, SG O42 plus O44/O54, fine mint. (12 stamps)


  • NEW GUINEA 1933 rated 3d ‘Birds of Paradise’ (undated) bank cover to USA.


  • NEW GUINEA 1938 1938 (August) Airmail cover to England, bearing 1932-4 9d violet pair, SG 184, tied with neat RABAUL c.d.s. postmark and BRISBANE AIR MAIL transit on reverse.


  • NEW GUINEA 1937 5d green with re-entry, SG 210a, positional block of 4, with NHM stamps but hinge marks in the margin.


  • NEW GUINEA 1932 5s, 10s and £1 Bird of Paradise, SG 187/189, fine mint. (3 stamps)


  • NEW GUINEA 1931 ½d orange AIR MAIL ovpt, SG 13 SHEET OF 30 full margins, NHM


  • NEW GUINEA OFFICIALS 1931 set to 1s, SG O31/9, VFM (9)


  • NEW GUINEA 1939 ’Airmail Postage’ complete set, SG 212/225, very fine mint (14 stamps) 


  • NEW GUINEA 1914-15 2d on 10pf carmine, SG 18, very fine used.


  • NEW GUINEA 1932-34 £1 olive-grey, redrawn, SG 189, VFU


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