• MONACO 1951 Red Cross Sheetlets, perf and imperf, NHM (2)


  • MONACO 1993 Whales Protection of Environment MS, imperf, Yvert 64a NHM


  • MONACO STAMPS PICTURED on philatelic postcard (Zieher, c.1905), unused.


  • MONACO 1966-71 Royal Couple Air set, Yv 87/90A, NHM (5 stamps)


  • MONACO  1986 EUROPA MediTERRITORIESanean IMPERF mini-sheet Yvert 34a, NHM c.465€


  • MONACO 1994 Winter Olympics m/s, imperf, Maury 1962A (ND), NHM,


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Monaco Stamps – Monaco is an Independent principality on the south coast of France. Variously annexed or placed under the projection of different countries it became completely independent on 2 February 1861. When France gained Savoy and the Alpes Maritimes in 1858, Monaco became an enclave in French territory. The first Monaco stamps were Sardinian issues of 1851-60 and the France issues of 1860-85.

A Sardinian-style circular date postmark was allocated to Monaco and was used on French stamps when first introduced. French postmarks including the numeral “4222” in a lozenge of dots were introduced in September 1860. Monaco’s first unique stamp designs were issued on 1 July 1885 and it has continued to issue its own stamps since. We recommend the Monaco stamp listings in the Yvert & Tellier catalogue, as well as the excellent Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

Monaco Stamps