• MAURITIUS 1965 Birds definitive set, SG 317/31, NHM (15)


  • MAURITIUS 1938-49 complete set, SG 252/63a, fine cds used, fresh (12)


  • MAURITIUS 1953-65 defins complete + vars, SG 293/306 & 314/6, vf mint (23).


  • MAURITIUS 1965 Birds set, SG 317/331, fine used (15)


  • MAURITIUS 1913 10r green and red on blue green on OLIVE back, SG 204a, very fine mint. Rare and elusive stamp.


  • MAURITIUS 1937-52 COMPLETE KGVI MINT COLLECTION A complete “Basic” very fine mint collection from the 1937 Coronation to the 1950 definitive set, SG 249/290. (40+ stamps)


  • MAURITIUS 1859 2d blue imperf “Lapirot”, worn impression, from Position 7, SG 39, used with three margins and target cancel, horizontal crease/tear.


  • MAURITIUS 1859 2d blue imperf “Lapirot”, worn impression, from Position 1, SG 39, used with close/into margins, with neat oval barred cancel, slight thin patch, but with good detail in the background.


  • MAURITIUS 1938-49 KGVI 3c with sliced “S” at right, SG 253a, NHM.


  • MAURITIUS CANCELLATIONS ON STAMPS COLLECTION. An interesting collection of QV to 1960’s stamps selected for postmarks, early numerals, coloured cds’s plus much else (+/-400 items)


  • MAURITIUS 1859 2d blue Lapirot worn impression, SG 39, finely used with neat postmark, cut into but jumbo margin at right, small thin, fresh colour. A good looking example of this rare stamp, cat £900.


  • MAURITIUS 1937 20c Coronation with ‘Line through Sceptre’ SG 251b, vf mint


  • MAURITIUS 1891 2c on 4c carmine SURCHARGE INVERTED variety,SG118a,fine used


  • MAURITIUS 1969 Marine Life definitive set, SG 382/99, VFU (18 stamps)


  • MAURITIUS 1965 Bird definitive set, SG 317/31, fine used (15 stamps)


  • MAURITIUS 1953-58 QEII defin set & ALL listed shades, SG 293/306, VFU (19)


  • MAURITIUS STAMPS PICTURED on philatelic postcard (Zieher, c.1905), used.


  • MAURITIUS STAMPS PICTURED on philatelic postcard (Zieher, c.1905), unused.


  • MAURITIUS 1938-49 10c deep reddish rose, sliced “S”, SG 256ca, fine used.


  • MAURITIUS 1900-05 6c purple & carmine on red WMK INVERTED,SG 146w,fine mint


  • MAURITIUS 2002 ARCHIVE IMPERFORATE REPUBLICublic Anniversary complete set as SG 1070/73,  BDT International Security Printers Archive imperforate. Seldom seen never hinged mint. (4 imperfs)


  • MAURITIUS 2001 ARCHIVE IMPERFORATE Trees complete set as SG 1053/56,  BDT International Security Printers Archive imperforate. Seldom seen never hinged mint. (4 imperfs)


  • MAURITIUS 2006 ARCHIVE IMPERFORATE Bicentenary of Mahebourg – 16r “Bourdonnais” miniature sheet as SG MS1144, BTD International Security Printers Archive imperforate. Never hinged mint, Rare!


  • MAURITIUS 1859 2d blue imperf “Lapirot”, worn impression on bluish paper, from Position 6, SG 39, used with three margins, close/into at the right, with neat oval barred cancel, expertized Senf. Cat £900


  • MAURITIUS 2004 10r Anniv of IOC, SG 1105, IMPERF PROOF on CA Wmk paper, NHM


  • MAURITIUS 2015 17r Island Games, SG 1274, IMPERF PROOF, Ex BDT Archive. NHM


  • MAURITIUS 2015 17r Risk Reduction, SG 1273, IMPERF PROOF, Ex Archive. NHM


  • MAURITIUS 2011 7r Aids/HIV, SG 1222, IMPERF PROOF, Ex BDT Archive, NHM


  • MAURITIUS 2011 21r Post Office Anniv, Crown Wmk, SG 1223, IMPERF PROOF, NHM


  • MAURITIUS 1858-62 (4d) green Britannia, imperf, SG 27, four clear margins, very fine used with lovely colour!


We sell Mauritius stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Mauritius Stamps – The first Mauritius stamps were issued on 21 September 1847 and are the most famous in philatelic history. The 1d orange-red & 2d deep blue imperforate stamps inscribed “POST OFFICE” were printed on the island by a character called Joseph Barnard who produced a small printing plate with just one impression each of the 1d & 2d. The inscription was probably not a mistake as it simply followed the wording on the current postmark but it was changed the next year to “Post Paid” when a new plate of 12 impressions of each value was made, again by Mr Barnard.

There were 500 of each stamp available, issued in time to send out invitations to a ball at the Government House the following day. Of these 1000 stamps only 27 are known to have survived. The finest unused 2d is in the Royal Collection, purchased by the Prince of Wales (later King George 5th) and is the source of the famous anecdote “I know how interested Your Royal Highness is in stamps. Did you happen to see in the newspapers that some damned fool had given as much as £1400 for one stamp?” to which the somewhat tight reply came forth “I was that damned fool.”

Mauritius offer so much to the stamp collector and postal historian. From its evocative classics to the elegant stamps printed by De La Rue throughout much of the Victorian era which included a number of surcharges and many watermark errors amongst much else, the 20th Century with its own versions of the colonial key plates supplemented by unique designs, and from the 1950s the flourishing pictorials which amply illustrate this magical island. The postal markings have been well documented and are of great interest to collectors, for those we recommend “The Postal History of Mauritius” by Edward B Proud.

Mauritius Stamps