Indian Feudatory States STAMPS FOR SALE

  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BHOPAL JUDICIAL HEADINGS 1939-49 1a to 12a all diff dated grp (5)


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE 1889 8ch orange-red post stat card, type C2, unused


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BARWANI Revenues 1930s-1940s specialized used study collection,39


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BARWANI COVERS & CARDS Includes stampless cover with “Anjar” cds & postage due in Devanagari, 1917 & 1942 printed On Barwani State Service cards – rain map and daily plague return, stampless cover with “On Barwani Service” cachet and “Palsud”, “Pansemal” & “Barwani” cds’s, 1942 censored cover from USA addressed to ‘His Highness Barwani’ and printed ‘Office Note Durbar Office Barwani’ sheet used as receipt. (6 items)


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES INDORE 1940 2r black and carmine, Maharaja Yeshwant, SG 42, used. Horizontal crease but still an attractive example of this scarce stamp.


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BARWANI 1938 1a brown Rana Devi Singh (SG 43) on native locally addressed cover tied by “Khetia” cds cancel, plus transit cds on reverse. Small faults to cover, very scarce.




  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE Official 1930-39 3ch 14mm high OPT INVERTED, SG O61c, u


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE Official 1930 10ca pink overprint, SG O36, used


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE Official 1911-30 10ca wmk A OPT DOUBLE, SG O18c, used


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE Official 1911-30 4ch wmk B OVPT DOUBLE, SG O10c, used


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE Official 1911-30 1ch wmk B ‘S S’ INVERTED, SG O5h, used


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE 1943 2ca on 1½ch P12½ IMPERF BETWEEN v pair, SG 73a, vfm


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE 1924-39 ¾a reddish violet perf 11, SG 40c, fine cds used


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE 1924-39 6ca IMPERF BETWEEN horiz pair, SG 35a, vfm (2)


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES TRAVANCORE-COCH Official 1949-51 1a on 2c P12½, SG O4, vfu BLK of 4


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES T-C Official 1949-51 6a on 14c P12 IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR, SG O7ca, fu


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES COCHIN 1946-48 2p chocolate perf 11×13, SG 101d, used




  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BIJAWAR 1937 8a emerald-green, SG 13, NHM strip of 3. Fresh.


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES SORUTH 1949 1a on ½a & 11 on 2a, SG 58/9 VFU (2)


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES HYDERABAD 1932 (2 SEPT) registered printed commercial cover to Madras bearing on the back India KGV 1a x4. and 3p x2, plus Hyderabad 1915 1a x3 (SG 36) and 1930 4p on ¼a with red surcharge x2 (SG 38), these all tied by multiple Hyderabad/Deccan native or English cds’s and a single Madras receiving cds. A scarce item.


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES BUNDI 1914-41 native cover bearing 1918 3a red-brown inscriptions Type D (SG 51) tied by cds cancel and with manuscript mark, faults to the stamps and cover, scarce.


  • INDIAN FEUDATORY STATES JAIPUR OFFICIALS. 1947-48 FINE USED GROUP that includes 1947 both 9p & 3p surcharges (SG O32/33), 1948 3p on ½a X3, one of which shows Different type “A” (SG O34a) & two different overprint positions. Fine used (5 stamps)


We sell Indian Feudatory States stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Indian Feudatory States Stamps – Designs on the stamps include Maharajas, Sacred Cows, Swords and Daggers, Gods and Goddesses, some even have a watermark depicting an umbrella! In most cases, stamps issued by India’s Feudatory states were only valid within their respective states, although postal exchange arrangements such as that between Cochin and Travancore were occasionally agreed to.

Depending on your method of counting, there were around 33 different states which issued stamps including the United State of Travancore – Cochin and those of Faridkot and Jind which spent periods as both Feudatory and Convention States.

Collectors of these stamps often enjoy the extremes in style from the incredibly ‘primitive’ stamps of Jammu and Kashmir (who for a period issued their stamps separately before combining) to the polished sophistication of the Hyderabad stamps – and all types in between! Colourful and intriguing, the excellent Stanley Gibbons catalogue is the best overall guide to these wonderful issues, reminiscent of an age which finally drew to an end shortly after India gained her independence.

Indian Feudatory States Stamps