Belgian Colonies STAMPS FOR SALE

  • BELGIAN COLONIES BELGIAN CONGO FIRST FLIGHT COVERS 1935-1946 collection on pages, includes 1936-1938 Sabena flights, 1937 Missionary flights (x2, one signed by the pilot), 1939 Leopoldville – Kikwit – Tshikapa flight, 1941 flights to USA, 1946 Sabena flights etc. Attractive. (12 covers/cards)


  • BELGIAN COLONIES CONGO 1887 Leopold II definitive set, Cob 5/13, good to fine cds used (8 stamps)


  • BELGIAN COLONIES CONGO 1886 Leopold II complete set, Cob 1/5, 25c blue with faults, the rest are good to fine cds used (5 stamps)


  • BELGIAN COLONIES CONGO 1915 40c black & lake red, SG 74, block of 4, NHM.


  • BELGIAN COLONIES CONGO 1935-36 50th Anniv. set plus surcharges (COB185/93) NHM (9)


  • BELGIAN COLONIES RUANDA-URUNDI 1924 pictorials complete set, COB 50/61, NHM. (12)


  • BELGIAN COLONIES BELGIAN CONGO 1898 3f50 black and vermilion (SG 28, COB 27, Scott 29) fine cds used.


  • BELGIAN COLONIES CONGO PARCEL POST 1887 3fr 50 on 5fr violet, COB CP2, good used with blue Banane cds. Scarce stamp.


We sell Belgian Colonies stamps, collections, complete sets, errors and varieties

Belgian Colonies Stamps – are rare and valuable items for stamp collectors and history enthusiasts. These stamps were issued between 1908 and 1960 by the Kingdom of Belgium and feature a variety of designs showcasing the culture and history of the Belgian colonies located in Africa and Asia.

From intricate designs to unique themes, they offer a glimpse into the rich history of the Belgian Empire and its colonial territories.

Belgian Colonies Stamps