Bechuanaland STAMPS FOR SALE

  • BECHUANALAND 1938 KGVI pictorial definitive set, SG 118/128, mint (11 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1913-24 2d orange Die II overprint, SG 77, fine mint (four stamps are never hinged) lower left corner CONTROL ‘W23’ BLOCK of 6, fresh & scarce. (6 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1885-87 Wmk Anchor overprints complete set, SG 4/8, used, 1d & 1s small REPUBLICairs. (5 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1938-52 Cattle complete set, SG 118/28, NHM, fresh (11)


  • BECHUANALAND 1932 Cattle set to 2s6d, SG 99/107, fine cds used. (9 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1932 Tree and Cattle set complete, SG 99/110, very fine mint (12 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1885-1902 MOSTLY USED COLLECTION on stock pages, includes 1885-87 opts vals to 6d (x2), 1888 vals to £1 (this with pen cancel), 1888 surcharges to 1s on 1s (x2), 1888 ½d “Protectorate” opt with “SPECIMEN” handstamp mint, 1897-1902 set etc. Some mixed condition as usual. (93 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1913-24 2s6d chocolate-brown Bradbury Seahorse overprint, SG 88, fine mint, showing Plate 2/4L position R. 1/4 RE-ENTRY (as GB SG Spec N65g). A few shortish perfs, very rare.


  • BECHUANALAND 1937-52 VERY FINE USED COLLECTION. An attractive & virtually complete collection presented on a series of album pages missing just the 1948 RSW 10s. Fine & fresh condition (30+ stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND STELLALAND REVENUE STAMPS 1884 2s6d and 5s (Barefoot 5/6), plus 1886 (monogram handstamp) 1s and 1s6d (Barefoot 11/12), fine condition. (4 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND POSTAGE DUE 1932 ½d sage-green,SG D4,vf cds used PAIR,”Kanye” (2)


  • BECHUANALAND 1925-27 6d purple ordinary paper, SG 97, vfm, fresh


  • BECHUANALAND 1925-27 6d purple ordinary paper, SG 97, NHM, fresh


  • BECHUANALAND 1925-27 6d purple ovpt ordinary paper, SG 97, NHM, fresh


  • BECHUANALAND 1932 – 1958 Post Due set, SG D4/6, used with additional 1d. (4)


  • BECHUANALAND REVENUE 1903 £10 violet overprint in narrow sans-serif type, Barefoot 14, used with pen-cancel dated “5/6/01” and violet handstamp. This is the recently discovered new earliest date and will be recorded in the next issue of the catalogue. Some surface rubbing and light toning on reverse, very rare.


  • BECHUANALAND 1890 ½d vermilion “Protectorate” 15mm OVERPRINT INVERTED variety, SG 54a, very fine cds used, fresh.


  • BECHUANALAND 1904-13 2d scarlet “SPECIMEN” opt, SG 68s, vfm, fresh


  • BECHUANALAND 1904-13 1s green & carmine “SPECIMEN” opt, SG 71s, vfm, fresh


  • BECHUANALAND STELLALAND 1884 1d red type 6 local issue, SG 1, unused no gum


  • BECHUANALAND 1893-95 2d bistre overprinted “BECHUANALAND. BRITISH” variety, SG 39d, good used. Also showing part of another “British” overprint on left.


  • BECHUANALAND 1891 Queen Victoria set to 6d ovptd in capitals, ovptd “Specimen” diagonally in violet, SG 33s/36s, very fine mint. (4 stamps)


  • BECHUANALAND 1913-24 A fresh 5s bright carmine De La Rue Seahorse, SG 87, never hinged mint.


  • BECHUANALAND 1888 ½d vermilion, ovptd Protectorate (15½mm), var “Protectorate double”, SG 40a, fine mint.


  • BECHUANALAND 1938-52 complete set, SG 118/28, used (11)


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Philatelic postscript:

Prior to the formation of the Protectorate in 1888, overprinted stamps of COGH and Great Britain were used. Following independence in 1966, the country was renamed Botswana.

Bechuanaland Stamps