The ‘Slotted Frame’ Variety on King Edward VII

During 1902 and 1903, the Colonies of the Cayman Islands, Gambia, St. Helena and the Seychelles received their new definitive stamps, depicting a circular King’s portrait topped by a small crown.

Collectors of these issues will be familiar with the sought-after ‘Glover’ flaw from position 1/6 of the left-hand pane, commonly referred to as the ‘Dented Frame’.

Specialists however, are eagerly hunting another constant plate flaw, and we predict it will soon find its way into the catalogues. In position 1/4 from the same left pane is the ‘Slotted Frame’ variety.

This is a break in the top outer frame lines near the right corner. It is of equal initial rarity with the Dented Frame but is probably even scarcer due to a higher rate of attrition, as the dented frame has been sought after for several decades.

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