Rocket Mail Stamps

Experiments for the delivery of mail by rockets began during the early 1930s.

One of these postal pioneers, Gerhard Zucker, conducted many Rocket Post trials that attracted a great deal of press attention. Several examples of the special stamps produced for these trials can be found in the collection, including a very scarce 1933 1 Mark black on yellow (without 3 Mark surcharge).

Numerous Rocket Mail tests were carried out in various countries and the sale of special stamps and souvenir flown covers helped the development of the technology in which Germany lead the way into and during the Second World War.

Despite those early high hopes including ship to shore, island to shore and even mountain to mountain rocket mail services, a number of spectacular failures doomed rocket mail as a viable entity. It never matched the promise of those grand old Airship flights, that for a while, delivered mail across large distances. Today rocket mail is primarily used for commemorative purposes.

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