Overprinted Issues on Straits Settlements

April 16, 2023

Straits Settlements stamps were initially issued in April 1867 for use in Penang in the northwest, Malacca on the west central coast and Singapore at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and the stamps continued in use until Japanese occupation in 1942.

Meanwhile, other states on the Malay Peninsula began to recognise the need to issue stamps and in order to keep costs low used the Straits Settlements issues overprinted with the individual State name.

These commenced with the Johore overprinted stamps in 1876, followed by Sungei Ujong in 1878, which continued using overprints until 1891. In 1898, Sungei Ujong federated with another state in the Malayan peninsula, Negri Sembilan. Its first stamps were overprinted Straits Settlements stamps in 1891.

Pahang also overprinted Straits Settlements stamps, commencing in 1889 and continued their use until 1891; Perak also commenced in 1878, issuing a lot of overprints until 1892. The same is true for Selangor, but this state’s use finished in 1891.

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