Newfoundland $4.50 Gen. Balbo Flight

Italo Balbo was one of four original Fascist party members to plan the ‘March on Rome’, which effectively gave power to the Fascist party in Italy in 1922.

His reward was to be made Secretary of State for Air in 1926, whereupon he launched into a series of spectacular publicity flights, mainly with mass formations of seaplanes, to enhance Italy’s Aeronautical image on the world stage.

From 1st July – 12th August 1933, he led a flight of twenty-four flying boats on a round-trip flight from Rome to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. The flight had seven legs including Labrador – Montreal ending on Lake Michigan.

During Balbo’s stay in the USA, President Roosevelt presented him with the Distinguished Flying Cross, and The Sioux Indians adopted Balbo as ‘Chief Flying Eagle’. On return home, he was made Marshall of the Air Force.

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