Mammoths, Hoards & Junkers

September 4, 2023

Our General Bazaar section, though not everyone’s cup of tea, is for many clients, the first part of every auction they dive into.

From Super Sorters, Estate Balances and Collectors Clear-outs to the humble Shoebox Sorter if you are not a Stamp Hunter these interesting lots at the beginning of our Bazaar section may well pass un-noticed as you make your way to the classified section, although I am sure some of the headings grab your attention from time to time and either elicit a wry smile or a painful wince.

Of course at the end of the day to paraphrase Sigmund Freud, a box of stamps is just a box of stamps but somehow a “World Junker Carton” (lot 5030) of over 7500+ stamps gives a better flavour. Cheaper stamps with some Middle East and British Africa, all messily dumped together on cards, albums and pages with some ephemera, definitely gives hope for some interesting finds. Similarly a French Africa Hoard (lot 5037) in a medium sized box with well over 5000 stamps should provide plenty of enjoyment for anyone trying to put together a collection of this vast area.

Even the specialist or single country collector will find something of interest in this part of the catalogue and I see many unusual lots from Legation and OHMS covers (lot 5163) to Rhodesian and Nyasaland Airways FDCs (lot 5130), US Zeppelin Mail (lot 5031) and quite extraordinarily the Personal Collection of the Postmaster of Woodford Green (1880 – 1920), lot 5004, including Boer War covers and GB Officials cat SG over £4000!

So if you have a few extra moments, take courage and have a wander through our Philatelic Bazaar because even avoiding the Mammoths, Hoards and Junkers you may well be surprised by what you find.

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