Lovcen Partisan Post

April 10, 2023

These locally made overprints on the stamps of Italian Occupied Montenegro were issued by that group of the original Lovcen Brigade which joined the Partisans fighting against the Italians and Chetniks during WWII.

This militia led by Krsto Popović was originally under the control or influence of the fascist Italian Occupation Force, and waged war against the Partisans (Communists) and the Chetniks. The official symbol of this paramilitary force was a green flag with the Petrović coat of arms. During the war this militia split; one group joined the Partisans, and others joined the Chetniks, both guerilla groups fighting the Italians and later the Germans but mostly each other. Krsto Popović did not join either side and was killed in a communist ambush in 1947. These rare stamps were used in the areas under Partisan control and it is believed that less than 100 sets were issued.

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