Fiume Overprint Proofs

Fiume (Rijeka, now in Croatia) was occupied by Allied troops after the First World War.

In September 1919, Gabriele d’Annunzio and his Italian volunteers seized Fiume; and in September 1920, they proclaimed it as the Italian Regency of the Carnaro. In November 1920, the Free State of Fiume was established, and Italian forces occupied the town. In February 1924, the area was divided between Italy and Yugoslavia (then Kingdom of SHS), with Italy annexing the town and Yugoslavia gaining the adjoining port of Susak. After the Second World War, the whole area was incorporated into Yugoslavia.

On 22 February 1924, the 1923 definitive issues of Fiume, including Express Letter stamps, were overprinted ‘REGNO d’ITALIA’ to commemorate the incorporation of Fiume in Italy. Another series with different overprints was issued on 1 March.

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