Brexit and Stamp Collecting?

September 1, 2023

I won’t foist any personal views on my fellow collectors regarding the momentous political events in the UK, at the time of writing the rather close decision of the British people is just a week old and the world is already adjusting to a new, if uncertain reality.

Just 5 days after the referendum our last sale realised a higher than average total (with most bids placed during the resulting market upheavals and non-stop news speculation) and our current Sandafayre sale which closes next Tuesday is performing well above expectations for this time of year.

It would appear that collectors are continuing with their hobby despite the apparent turmoil, indeed I myself have been bidding enthusiastically on items for my own collection.

I have collected stamps for almost half a century and have been involved professionally with philately for 36 years and this lack of volatility does not surprise me in the least. This is after all our hobby and I would contend that life really isn’t worth living if you can’t enjoy a simple pastime and whilst you may worry about your house price or your stocks and shares or even your job, your stamp collection remains a stable and internationally tradable item of property supported by thousands of people just like you and me, simply enjoying themselves.

Perhaps the only ‘real’ effect to the stamp market may be that buyers from outside the UK can take advantage of the weak pound. Buying stamps in the UK has become cheaper, at least for a while, but other than that I see nothing that comes close to changing the world of philately.

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